What Are the Top 20 Tallest Official Disney Prince & Princess

An adventure awaits our majesty! Find out which Disney royalty has the same height as you in this Top 20 Tallest Official Disney Prince and Princess!

Image Source: Fan Pop
RankDisney Prince/PrincessHeightsDisney Movies
1Prince Adam190 cm (6’2”)Beauty and the Beast
2Prince Henry190 cm (6’2”)Cinderella
3Prince Naveen190 cm (6’2”)The Princess and the Frog
4Prince Eric185 cm (6’0”)Little Mermaid
5John Smith185 cm (6’0”)Pocahontas
6Flynn Rider185 cm (6’0”)Rapunzel
7Prince Phillip 180 cm (5’10”)Sleeping Beauty
8Prince Shang175 cm (5’8”)Mulan
9Aladdin175 cm (5’8”)Aladdin
10Prince Florian175 cm (5’8”)Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
11Pocahontas175 cm (5’8”)Pocahontas
12Cinderella173 cm (5’8”)Cinderella
13Tiana170 cm (5’6”)The Princess and the Frog
14Belle170 cm (5’6”)Beauty and the Beast
15Ariel165 cm (5’4”)Little Mermaid
16Aurora163 cm (5’3”)Sleeping Beauty
17Jasmine160 cm (5’2″)Aladdin
18Rapunzel160 cm (5’2″)Rapunzel
19Snow White160 cm (5’2″)Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
20Mulan159 cm (5’2”)Mulan
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Tall and Handsome Princes

Image Sources: Disney Princess Wiki & Disney Wiki

Men being tall is something unquestionable. These three princes tied at 190 cm (6’2”) proves otherwise. Firstly, we have Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast in his human form.

Secondly, he is followed by Prince Henry from Cinderella, landing at 2nd.

Then, 3rd place goes to Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. 

On the other hand, another three princes got ties with their heights at 185 cm (6’0”). From Little Mermaid, Prince Eric stands in 4th place.

John Smith, from Pocahontas, lands at 5th, and Flynn Rider from Rapunzel, takes 6th.

Princesses Taking on the Princes’ Heights

The following princes still have those tall genes, but the princesses are not behind now.

Standing at 7th with 180 cm (5’10”) is Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty.

Next up at 8th, we have Prince Shang with 175 cm (5’8”) from Mulan. 

Following Prince Shang’s 175 cm (5’8”), Aladdin follows closely at 9th.

The last of the princes, Prince Florian, with the same size, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, take 10th.

He is followed by the tallest princess in this comparison, Pocahontas, with 175 cm (5’8”) at 11th and is tied with Cinderella, landing at 12th.

The Descending Heights of the Princesses

It’s princess time! Standing at 13th and tied with 14th, having 170 cm (5’6”), we first have Tiana, princess to Prince Naveen.

Belle, Prince Adam’s princess, then succeeds her. Paired with Prince Eric, Ariel takes 15th at 165 cm (5’4”). 

Prince Phillip’s Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, lands at 16th with 163 cm (5’3”).

For the remaining princesses, they’re all tied at 159 cm (5’2”).

Beginning with Jasmine at 17th, Rapunzel at 18th, Snow White at 19th, and lastly, Mulan at 20th.

Let’s watch this video below to enjoy more looking how tall the princes and princesses are!






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