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Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Princess Merida

A brave, courageous, and free-spirited teen, Princess Merida is not the stereotypical princess. She may be rebellious, but she loves her family more than anything. And with this costume guide, doing a cosplay of Princess Merida will be a piece of cake. All you have to do is get the three items on the list.

1. Dark Teal-Emerald Green Dress

Princess Merida’s dress is indeed elegant. You will immediately feel like royalty once you slip into one of these. The color, the length, and the details of this dress are fantastic! You will surely not regret purchasing Princess Merida’s dress because not only does it look more expensive than it really is, it is comfortable too! 

2. Wig

When putting together Princess Merida’s costume, you obviously need her exact hair. This attribute of hers makes her different and unique from the rest of the Disney princesses. Curly and long, this wig may be heavy, but you won’t look like Merida without it. 

3. Wooden Bow and Arrow Set

The Scottish princess may dislike a lot of things, but she enjoys archery.  It is common knowledge that Princess Merida holds a talent for the sport. She was introduced to a bow and arrow early in her life, and she has developed a skill in archery ever since. With that said, this is the last and final item you need for a perfect Princess Merida costume. 

This Princess Merida costume will make you look and feel brave! With just three items, you will embody the best archer in the kingdom. So, defy all the stereotypes and dress like the one and only Princess Merida of DunBroch. 

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