How Tall is Richard The Third in The Requiem of the Rose King?

Name of the CharacterHeight
Richard The Third~5 feet and 6 inches


Richard the III is the third son of Richard, Duke of York, and was characterized to have a feminine face. As described by Ark Fandom, he is intersex which displays both male and female anatomy. For that reason, his mother dislikes him and believes that he is cursed.  He is seen to be attractive by both men and women. Richard is shown to be skinny frail looking but actually, he has a fairly ambiguous body shape because of his devotion to swordplay.  He has heterochromia iridium in which his left eye is color yellow and his right eye is purple color.

Moreover, Richard is constantly confused about who he really is and because of his mother’s wrong treatment towards him, he believes that he is a demon child and that no one will truly love him. He seems to think that he is not worthy to be loved that’s why he dedicates himself to combat instead of forming a relationship.  In addition, he is quiet and inexpressive while people around him said that he is taller than most women but shorter than most men in the series. In line with that, we can use this as one of our references to find out his height.

Furthermore, as shown in this youtube video, it is noticeable that he is smaller compared to the average height of a man but a little bit taller than the average height for a woman. So, we could probably say that Richard III’s height is 5 feet and 6 inches according in UK’s average height.


Fandom Richard III

Richard, Duke of York


Youtube video

UK’s average height

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