Best Basketball Uniform Design Ideas in 2022

Let us list down some of the best basketball jersey ideas we can have in 2022.

#1 Black and White

A vibrant combination of black and white colors produced through sublimation printing, this jersey comes with both durability and style.

Jerseys with sublimated designs are available on Wooters.

#2 Grey Camo

A type of jersey design patted with grey militaristic camo. A lining on the side is colored white, allowing the camo to be highlighted.

This design contains minimal stripes and lines that can be customized by buyers on Wooters.

#3 Tiger Patterns

Etched with tiger clawmarks and tiger fur patterns, this jersey highlights the ferocity of a real tiger.

You can have your own jersey designed with a similar style to this one on Wooters.

#4 Broken Glass Black and Yellow

A yellow striped jersey laced with broken glass pattern as base, this jersey was originally designed to be a woman’s basketball uniform but the same style can be applied to men’s uniform.

This design is available and can be customized even more on Wooters.

#5 Red Tops White Body

A jersey with a similar design to one of the Blazers uniform, this design features a red slanting color that covers the tops and bottoms of the white base.

Wooters will sell you this design and also allow you to customize your own.



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