Mob Psycho 100 Characters: Height & Ages

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Reigen Arataka5’10”27October 10Male
Shigeo Kageyama5’2”14May 12Male
Ritsu Kageyama5’3”13July 2Male
Teruki Hanazawa5’4”14April 13Male
Sho Suzuki5’0”13December 1Male

Image Source: Mob Psycho 100 Wiki

Analysis of the Characters’ Height

The characters’ heights are mentioned in their Mob Psycho Wiki Profiles are in centimeters(cm), so let’s convert them into feet (ft) and inches (in).

Starting with Reigen Ataka’s height of 179cm, it will be 5ft 10in. Reigen’s height conversion is also given in his Wiki Profile.

Known as Mob, Shigeo’s Wiki Profile shows that his height is 157.7cm, and if converted, 5ft 2.09in, which can be rounded off to 5ft 2in. Ritsu’s Wiki Profile only shows his height in cm, 159.4cm, and becomes 5ft 3in when converted.

Next, we have Teruki Hanazawa. According to his Wiki Profile, his height is 161.4cm, and if we convert it, it’ll become 5ft 4in. Then, we have Sho Suzuki, and his Wiki Profile states that he is 153.3cm, which is 5ft flat.

Reigen takes the 1st spot if they are ranked based on height, and Sho would take the last place.

Analysis of the Characters’ Age

We’ve also included the characters’ birthdays along with their ages, as stated on their Wiki Profiles. Who do you think is the oldest among the five characters?

The only character in their 20s is Reigen, 27 years old. At the same time, the rest are either 13 years old or 14 years old.

Of course, Reigen is the oldest, followed by Mob and Teruki. Then, Ritsu and Sho’s youngest ones.



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