Onward Voice Actors: Height, Ages, and Birthdays

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In a recent post, we’ve talked about the Onward characters themselves. But now, let’s talk about the heights and ages of the characters’ voice actors! 

CharactersVoice ActorsHeightAgeBirthdayGender
Ian LightfootTom Holland5’8”25June 1, 1996Male
Barley LightfootChris Pratt6’2”42June 21, 1979Male
Laurel LightfootJulia Louis-Dreyfus5’3”61January 13, 1961Female
Wilden LightfootKyle Bornheimer6’0”46September 10, 1975Male
Corey the ManticoreOctavia Spencer5’2”51May 25, 1970Female
Colt BroncoMel Rodriguez5’7”48June 12, 1973Male
DewdropGrey Griffin5’3”48August 24, 1973Female
GoreAli Wong5’3”39April 19, 1982Female
SpecterLena Waithe5’9”37May 17, 1984Female
GrecklinTracey Ullman5’4”62December 30, 1959Female

Analysis of Onward Voice Actors’ Heights

From the Lightfoot Family, we have Tom Holland voicing Ian Lightfoot. According to his profile on The Famous People, Tom’s height is 5ft 8in. Ian’s brother, Barley Lightfoot, is voiced by Chris Pratt. He also has a profile on The Famous People and states that Chris’ height reaches 6ft 2in. Next is Ian and Barley’s mother, Laurel Lightfoot, voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Based on her profile at Married Wiki, Julia’s height is 5ft 3in. Laurel’s husband, Wilden Lightfoot, is voiced by Kyle Bornheimer. Based on his profile on Super Stars Bio, Kyle stands at the height of 6ft flat. For the mighty Corey the Manticore, she is voiced by Octavia Spencer. On her profile in BioWikis, Octavia’s recorded height is 5ft 2in.

The 6th character we’ll be tackling is Colt Bronco’s voice actor, Mel Rodriguez. Mel’s height is stated in his profile on Article Bio, 5ft 7in. Mel is followed by Dewdrop’s voice actress, Grey Griffin. Grey reached a height of 5ft 3in, per her profile at Super Stars Bio. Then, we now have Gore’s voice actress, Ali Wong. Based on her Article Bio profile, Ali’s height is 5ft 3in, same as Grey’s. We’re down with the last two characters. We have Specter, voiced by Lena Waithe, and Grecklin, voiced by Tracey Ullman. Lena’s height is collected from her Super Stars Bio profile, 5ft 9in. Lastly, as per her Celebs Revealed profile, we have Tracey’s 5ft 4in. 

In short, the tallest is Chris, then, followed by Kyle. The shortest would be Octavia.

Analysis of Onward Voice Actors’ Ages

Starting with Tom Holland’s profile on The Famous People, he is currently 25 years old, soon to turn 26 later this June. Then, Chris Pratt’s age, according to his profile on The Famous People, is 42 years old, turning 43 this June, on his birthday. Next is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who just turned 61 years old, last January. Julia’s profile on Married Wiki got updated recently. Then, we have Kyle Bornheimer, who is 47 years old, turning 48 later this September, as per his Super Stars Bio profile. Octavia Spencer is 51 years old, waiting to be 52 later this May, under her BioWikis profile. 

Mel Rodriguez awaits his 49th birthday later this June, and his recorded age is currently 48, on his Article Bio profile. Grey Griffin is also in line for 49 years old later this August, per her Super Stars Bio profile. For this April, our birthday celebrant would be Ali Wong, who is currently 39 years old, per her Article Bio profile. In her last days as 37 years old, Lena Waithe will turn 38 this May, from her Super Stars Bio profile. Last December, Tacey Ullman turned 62 years old, based on her Celebs Revealed profile.

Of these eight voice actors and actresses, Tracey is the oldest, and Tom is the youngest.

















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