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Onward Characters: Height and Ages

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Image Source: Pixar Wiki

Now is your chance to see the mythical creatures living in a suburban world! In this Disney & Pixar film, Onward, we will venture into the heights and ages of the five characters mentioned in this article. Gathered from Disney Wiki and other references, let’s get straight to it!

Iandore “Ian” Lightfoot~5’9”16ElfMale
Barley Lightfoot~6’1”19ElfMale
Laurel Lightfoot~5’4”~139ElfFemale
Corey the Manticore~6’7”1,000ManticoreFemale
Colt Bronco~7’1”~47CentaurMale

Analysis of Onward Characters’ Height

First off, the table above shows the first three characters are the Elvish Lightfoot Family members. The youngest of the Lightfoot Family, Ian, has an approximate height of 5ft and 9in. Next, Ian’s brother, Barley Lightfoot, is approximately 6ft and 1in. Then, we have their mother, Laurel Lightfoot, who is approximately 5ft and 4in. According to the definition of Elves in Forgotten Realms Wiki and Tribality, the Lightfoot Family could be similar to the Aquatic Elf. The said species of Elf, similar to the Lightfoot Elves, have blueish skin color, blue-green hair, and black eye color. It is also explained in Forgotten Realms Wiki that the average height of 5ft to 6ft 6in for the male, and 4ft 7in up to 6ft 1in for the female. If these three characters stood in one frame, Barely would be the tallest, Ian and Laurel’s shortest.

Next is the mighty Manticore, Corey, with an approximate height of 6ft and 7in. One of the scenes in Onward has Barley, Ian, and Corey in one frame from a photo on SilverKris article. That shows Corey is taller than the said two brothers. Also, from, a Manticore’s body is the body of a lion, and a male lion can grow up to 10ft, as per Neeness’s article. In the case of Colt Bronco, a Centaur, he is approximately 7ft and 1in. A post from Dragonsfoot Forum discussed how tall a Centaur would be, and most of the users had a conclusion of 8ft tall. Their presumption entered the average height mentioned and description in Forgotten Realms Wiki, 7ft to 9ft. 

So, in conclusion, the tallest character from this table would be Colt, and Laurel would be the shortest.

Analysis of Onward Characters’ Age

There are only three characters who are given a definite age. Ian Lightfoot’s Disney Wiki profile shows that he is 16 years old. Then, for Barley Lightfoot, his Disney Wiki profile shows that he is 19 years old. Barley is older than Ian by three years in age. Next is Corey the Manticore, who is said to have been alive for over a thousand years. Based on her Disney Wiki profile, reaching 1,000 years of age is considered the middle ages for her species. 

Two characters from the table are the only ones with an approximate age. Ian and Barley’s mother, Laurel, is approximately 139 years old. An Elf is not considered an adult until they’re past the age of 110 years old, and their aging comes in the form of darkening hair color. The said explanation is based on the description of Elves in Forgotten Realms Wiki.  Finally, we have Colt Bronco, approximately 47 years old. According to Colors-NewYork, a Centaur’s lifespan can live on an average of sixty years. 

From the looks of it, Corey the Manticore is indeed the eldest, while Ian is the youngest.



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