Top 18 Heaviest Commercial Ovens

Table of Contents:

RankCommercial OvenWeightPriceWhere to Buy
1Angelo Po FX202E3999.99 lbs$32,818.20Appliances Connection
2Angelo Po FX82G3T580 lbs$19,906.20Appliances Connection
3Sierra SRCO2E510 lbs$6,377.77Appliances Connection
4Practica ROCKEEXPRESS194 lbs$9,750.00Appliances Connection
5Practica CHEFEXPRESS194 lbs$8,500.00Appliances Connection
6Practica COPAEXPRESSSS174 lbs$9,250.00Appliances Connection
7Amana AXP22TLT150 lbs$10,710.00Appliances Connection
8Amana ARX2134 lbs$8,730.00Appliances Connection
9INTSUPERMAI Commercial Pizza Oven94 lbs$589.00Walmart
10VEVOR 110V Commercial Convection Oven86 bs$759.99Walmart
11Axis AX51368 lbs$956.81Appliances Connection
12VEVOR Electic Pizza Oven64 lbs$235.99Walmart
13Waring Commercial WPO100 Single Deck Pizza Oven58 lbs$559.00Walmart
14Midea Equipment 1434N0A Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave Oven56 lbs$532.00Amazon
15LOYALHEARTDY 2KW Commercial Pizza Oven46.85 lbs$256.98Walmart
16Amazon Commercial Microwave Oven 40.6 lbs$307.50Amazon
17Panasonic Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven39.75 lbs$339.00Amazon
18Waring Commercial WCO250X Quarter Size Pan Convection Oven38.7 lbs$575.00Amazon

Analysis of the Heaviest Commercial Ovens

Is someone planning to open up a restaurant? If so, here’s a total of 18 heaviest commercial ovens from Amazon, Walmart, and Appliances Connection! Taking the top spot as the heaviest commercial oven on this table, Angelo Po FX202E3 weighs 999.99 lbs, costing $32,818.20. Aside from being the heaviest, it’s also the priciest among the other 17 commercial ovens.

The top three weighed above 500 lbs, and from 4th down to the 8th weighed about 100 lbs to almost 200 lbs. For the 9th down to the 18th, these commercial ovens weighed less than 100 lbs and reached 38.7 lbs. The 18th placer, Waring Commercial WCO250X, has the lightest weight, 38.7 lbs, compared to the other commercial ovens. It costs $575.00. We also have the cheapest commercial oven on this table; it’s the LOYALHEARTDY 2KW landing on the 15th with 46.85 lbs, costing $256.98.


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