35 Warner Bros.’ “Histeria!” Facts You Should Know

Travel through time and visit different eras! Made to discuss history, Tom Ruegger combined education and entertainment in one show. Let’s pay a visit with these 35 Warner Bros.’ “Histeria!” Facts You Should Know!

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The Masterminds of The Show

Image Source: Histeria! Fandom Wiki

#1 Kids’ WB! Every Saturday

Rise and shine for your Saturday shows! On September 9, 1995, it started airing on The WB Television Network, which discontinued on May 17, 2008. After a month, it set out to get relaunched as an online network on April 28, 2008.

#2 Behind The Scenes of Histeria

Unlike any other cartoon, they have made history! From 1998 to 2000, what turned out to be 65 episodes, only had 52 with footage often reused. It’s sad to say goodbye, but unfortunately, all episodes of Histeria! got taken off the WB site.

#3 Tom Ruegger’s Take on History

Image Source: Tiny Toon Adventures Wiki

A man of producing shows like no other! Tom Ruegger is of American descent with his job as an animation writer, producer, and director. He was able to produce fantastic shows that left the cartoon world hungry for more. It’s an easy way to study history with the help of Histeria!

#4 Appearances of Looney Tunes Characters

Am I dreaming, or are they Looney Tunes Characters? Elmer Fudd, Taz, and Foghorn Leghorn are some of them that made appearances on a few episodes. It’s like a practice for Easter Egg Hunt!

#5 Bugs Bunny in Histeria

Image Source: Histeria! Wiki

Hide the carrots and the eggs! One of the known Looney Tunes characters, Bugs Bunny, travels with Histeria! He appeared in the following episodes: The Wild West, The U.S. Civil War – Part 2, and Great Heroes of France.

#6 Daffy as a Voter

Image Source: Histeria! Wiki

The next election draws near and so does Daffy! He appeared on the episode, Hooray for Presidents.

#7 Porky with the Dinosaurs

If dinosaurs were the first to set foot here, does that mean Porky is the second? Appearing on the episode, The Dawn of Time, he is one daring animal!

#8 Pepe Le Pew on the Front Line

The environment is for the animals! Pepe Le Pew appeared on the episode When America Was Young. Along with the hunter to trade for a peanut butter and tuna sandwich.

Time For Some History Class!

#9 People Wanted Pepper On Their Food

Image Source: YouTube

Care for some Pepper? Sang by The Kid Chorus is about how history started and got changed by none other than pepper. People at that time had no idea how to preserve and season their food properly. With that in mind, they set out to sail only to result in population growth and the demand for spice.

#10 The 11 ½ President

Image Source: Histeria! Wiki

Performed by The Kid Chorus, they executed the song entitled, “President For One Day.” It’s about how David Rice Atchison, the  President of the Senate Pro Tempore, had to act like a President because Zachary Taylor took his oath on a Monday, March 5, 1849, when Polk’s term expired March 4.

#11 Writers from the Purple Prose

Image Source: IMDb

Writing a heap of 37 plays, The Kid Chorus was able to summarize it into a song, “That’s The Story Told By The Bard.” Shakespeare lived in Stratford-upon-Avon and continued, with his life writing plays that we recognize now. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Henry VIII are some of his works.

Ruegger Family as Voice Actors

#12 Cody Ruegger as Loud Kiddington

Image Source: The Parody Wiki

Ever heard a loud kid shouting through the hallway? Histeria has it, too! Cody Ruegger is the youngest son of Producer Tom and the inspiration for the character Loud Kiddington, a member of The Kid Chorus.

#13 Luke Ruegger as Big Fat Baby’s Giggles

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

We all know by now that babies can’t speak yet. That’s why the son of the show’s producer, Luke Ruegger, has provided it for us. I guess they’re both offspring, after all! 

#14 Nathan Ruegger as Froggo

Image Source: WB Animated Universe Wiki

This father must get inspiration for his characters because of his sons! Nathan Ruegger is the voice behind Froggo. With a deep and frog-like voice, Nathan nailed it!

#15 The Histerians of The Show!

Image Source: The Family Guy Fanon Wiki

Game shows, interviews, and more! Consisting of 4 characters, they help us understand history in a fun and easy way.

#16 Father Time as The Main Host

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

If time is gold, then is Father Time gold, too? As one of the main characters, he represents time itself and the one who travels. Because of that, when The Kid Chorus fails to straighten their facts, he is easily annoyed. So, watch out for him if you don’t want to get a whooping!

#17 Big Fat Baby as a Sidekick

Image Source: Cartoonatics – Tom Ruegger

Is it a boy or a girl? Nobody knows the gender of this baby; even so, he still accompanies Father Time in his endeavors. The only downfall would be his diapers; when was it last changed?

#18 Miss Information and Her Data

Image Source: Nickelodeon Movies Wiki

It’s beauty and brains for this host! Miss Information hosts episodes and narrates supposed events. So, if you’re wondering where she is, she’s at the information desk with her cue card!

#19 Miss Information and Mr. Smartypants

If there’s a Miss Information, indeed there’s a ‘Mister’! But he’s not just an ordinary mister. Described as the most brilliant man, Mr. Smartypants hides behind a pair of pants. Even though he’s the shy type, he managed to catch Miss Information’s heart. Yes, they’re soon-to-be husband and wife!

#20 Rob Paulsen as Mr. Smartypants

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

Voicing over 250 animated characters, Rober Fredrick Paulsen III is here! He’s best known as the voice behind one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Raphael, in 1987. As of today, he continues his career as an American voice actor playing minor parts.

#21 World’s Oldest Woman

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

Just like Father Time, we have another character representing time among the four main hosts. Though World’s Oldest Woman is for women throughout the years, you’ll definitely get a W.O.W!

#22 The Kid Chorus

Image Source: DeviantArt – LoudKFan4

In charge of the songs, they join forces to perform them. Running around and singing, they help us review history, so they put tunes and harmonies. That’s why when you review, put on some music!

#23 Cree Summer as Aka Pella

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

A throaty voice like Cree Summer, casting agents were quick to cast her in many animated programs. It is also used on Aka Pella, one of The Kid Chorus and the only black member. She was able to have a solo song on the many episodes aired, “People Wanted Pepper On Their Food.”

#24 Jeff Bennet as Lucky Bob

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

Jeffrey Glenn “Jeff ” Bennett is the voice behind Lucky Bob. He’s one unusual kid, but the American actor, voice artist, and comedian agreed to it!

#25 Nora Dunn as Lydia Karaoke

Image Source: WB Animated Universe Wiki

Portraying an employee for The WB Network, Nora Dunn is the voice behind Lydia Karaoke. She interrupts the show to protest how the characters use curse words and are inappropriate for children. Other than that, she does her job well to censor content on the show’s episodes.

#26 Fetch

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

You can never get angry with adorable dogs. Fetch is a golden retriever voiced by two artists, Frank Welker as the dog. At the same time, Jeff Bennett played David Labrador.

Frank Welker and His Characters

#27 Father Time

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

Specializing in voice acting, Franklin Wendell Welker is the voice behind Father Time. He also became a part of the Scooby-doo franchise as Fred Jones and Scooby-Doo. He also voiced many other characters, and frankly, they’re just too many to mention.

#28 Pule Houser

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

Other than voicing Father Time, Frank Welker is also the voice behind Pule Houser. A member of The Kid Chorus, this kid showed how unlucky he is and how temperamental he can be.

Laraine Newman and Her Characters

#29 Miss Information

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

As a founding member of The Groundlings, Laraine was first known as a comedian. Later on, she took a variety show, became an actress, and finally, a voice artist. Laraine even had a chance to write for a food magazine and other writing platforms. So, it’s only suitable to think that she’s one creative individual.

#30 Charity Bazaar

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

The female lead of The Kid Chorus, Charity Bazaar, is one unique child. With her expressionless face, she is known for her catchphrase, “I’m not happy.” Laraine Newman is also the voice behind Charity, other than Miss Information.

Tres MacNielle and Her Characters

#31 World’s Oldest Woman or W.O.W

Image Source: WB Animated Universe Wiki

As an American voice actress, many roles were given to Tress MacNeille. Her voice provided many characters in many animated series—especially those released in the 1900s and aired in Warner Bros.’ Animated Universe.

#32 Pepper Mills

Image Source: Historia! Wiki

She is what I call a sugar rush! Unlike Charity, Pepper Mills is a character who’s always hyperactive. She is also a part of The Kid Chorus, but only occasionally. Along with W.O.W., Tress MacNielle also voiced this character. 

#33 Toast

Image Source: WB Animated Universe Wiki

For this character, Toast is the type of kid who “goes with the flow.” His skin color may be unusual, but it got inspiration from a burnt toast, and the same goes for his brain, toasted. I guess that makes sense?

#34 Susanna Susquahanna

Image Source: WB Animated Universe Wiki

Another unique kid is a part of The Kid Chorus, Susanna Susquahanna. She is a young Native American girl who first appeared in the episode, The Renaissance.

#35 Cho-Cho

Image Source: WB Animated Universe Wiki

In the first episode, Inventors Hall of Fame – Part 1, Cho-Cho showed a bright face. She is an Asian girl who is always in a schoolgirl look. 


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