Exploring Dobre Twins’ Brand-New Estate

Grey is the new happy color. After three houses, the Dobre Twins finally found their perfect home! That said, here’s the Dobre Twins’ brand-new estate.

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Image Source: YouTube – Dobre Twins

The Dobre Twins’ latest YouTube video introduced a stunning mansion. The gray stucco estate looks exquisite. The estate mainly utilized a warm grey color scheme which, appeared appealing. Additionally, the front yard’s landscape is neat; especially the concrete pavers and gravel exude a welcoming aura. Slim glass windows peppered the estate’s facade, achieving a minimalistic and classic style. Though the mansion may appear compact, it comprises a four-car garage, five bedrooms, and bathrooms, and the mansion extends at the back. Even the Dobre Twins were excited to introduce their estate’s backyard. 


Image Source: YouTube – Dobre Twins

Let us now follow the twins and enter their mansion. Inside, the whole house is spacious and sports ambient lighting. Since the twins just moved in, the house was bare of furniture. But, they still manage to make the estate appear luxurious. A powder room and a gorgeous wine cellar can be found in the living area. The living space is positioned near wall-to-ceiling windows that provide natural lighting and a fantastic backyard view. This space comprises a black L-fabric sofa, a trendy wooden coffee table, a black tiled contemporary fireplace, and what appears to be a 60-inch flatscreen television.


Image Source: YouTube – Dobre Twins

As we move on to the kitchen, the area is a stunner. Sporting a U-Shaped layout, the kitchen’s space is properly maximized with top-quality furniture and appliances. The kitchen wall and the countertops were marble, while the smooth modern cabinets were wooden. On the other hand, the dining area is adjacent to the living space. A metallic geometric chandelier illuminates the simple yet modern dining space.


Image Source: YouTube – Dobre Twins

This mansion is packed with amenities. One of the highlights of this house is the music room in which the twins are excited to work on their upcoming songs. Additionally, a huge vacant room is available for renovation. We can say that it can be an office, gym, home theater, or a dance room.


Image Source: YouTube – Dobre Twins

Overall, the estate has five bedrooms that are built similarly. Though the rooms may appear slightly disorganized, it is understandable since the twins and family are still in the middle of organizing. But, the real highlight of the house is the master suite. The whole room is spacious, comprising of a black frameless king-sized bed. On the other side, the expansive master bathroom can be found. This room comprises long vanity countertops, two toilets, a stylish wood-infused bathtub, a huge bathroom cabin.


Image Source: YouTube – Dobre Twins

Now, let’s go out and witness the twin’s outstanding backyard. As we pass through the tall glass sliding door, the neatly trimmed lawn, lounge, unique swimming pool, and the pool house. The pool is equipped with a unique water feature, a remote-operated fountain. Additionally, one of the best parts of the backyard is the basketball court. Even the twins expressed their excitement about this area. 


Image Source: YouTube – Dobre Twins

Last but not least, the pool house looks like another estate. Upon entering, the small space was occupied by a brown L-shaped cushion sofa and the kitchen. The kitchen appears to have Calacatta Nuvo countertops and mid-range appliances. Then one of the doors will lead you to a small bedroom and a bathroom. This pool house is a perfect abode for relaxing or alone time. It also has a balcony that gives a view of the backyard and pool. With all that, the Dobre Twin’s brand-new house is a win!


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