20 Different Shopify iPhone Case Stores

One primary reason you need to have a case for your iPhone is to protect its exterior parts from scratches and possible damage. If you use low-quality cases, you can’t guarantee that your phone is significantly safe. With this, we’ve listed 20 different Shopify iPhone case stores that are definitely of high-quality and beautifully crafted by a team of experts. Hence, check each one below and you can go ahead and make your first purchase. 


Burga is one of the most popular Shopify stores that sell iPhone cases. They have a wide range of collections, including customized cases, marble phone cases, floral phone cases, and a lot more. Besides a phone case, Burga also offers MacBook cases, screen protectors, wireless chargers, and charging cables. If you need any of these products, you can always visit Burga’s official website. 

2. MOUS 

The Mous Shopify store got their inspiration to produce creative design and intuitive products from the community and how people use technology. They don’t just make conventional products, but they ensure that the expected style, durability, and functionality are fully achieved. They aim to let you use your device with extreme protection and make use of all of its functions. 


Uniqfind is another producer of high-quality phone cases you can find online. They want to help your device look the best while you’re using it every day. They have a multi-level system where you can choose coverage levels for your phone. Besides phone cases, they will also take care of your MacBook and iPad. 


For many years of being in this industry, Proporta has gained recognition by winning various awards. They also worked with different brands in technology, fashion, and lifestyle. On top of that, Proporta is now a licensed business partner with Ted Baker and collaborates with other brands, such as Greenwich, Bradley, and Karen Millen. Hence, if you’re looking for a signature iPhone case, Proporta is one of the best Shopify iPhone case stores you can visit online. 


The products’ unique ideas and designs require tech-genius people with a brilliant mind to turn these into reality. With this, Incipio created a tech-obsessed team to produce these products and be available in the market. Today, they’ve reached their potential growth and success, and their product even received various awards. Hence, for high-end and quality iPhone cases, Incipio is one of the best shops you can consider. 


Wildflower is one of the successful companies in Los Angeles, California, that sell iPhone accessories. Michelle Carlson founded the company with her two daughters, Sydney and Devon Carlson. Making iPhone cases was once Michelle’s hobby, and that was the beginning of their success story. Now, you can find exceptional handmade phone cases on the website, and you can make a purchase anytime.  


VRS is a global entity that sells different products compatible with iOS and Android. Their wide range of products are manufactured in South Korea, and it further focuses on design and quality from processing to production. Hence, for premium and world-class phone accessories, VRS is one of the best Shopify iPhone case stores you can visit online.


Casely is a company based in Brooklyn that sells a wide range of tech accessories. For many years, it has successfully reached popularity and success in this industry. Besides that, they give a portion of their proceeds as a donation to their chosen charity every month. Today, Casely is creating exclusive designs that even ship their products internationally. They also offer phone case subscription boxes for their valued customers. 


Sonix started in 2010 when they decided to dedicate themselves to transforming tech accessories into the market’s best products. For continuous development, they have expanded their product categories from protecting your phone to accessorizing it. Hence, you’ll surely find the best phone case in Sonix. 

10. PEEL  

Some people love different types of phone accessories. Others want their smartphones to look big and bulky. However, some prefer to make it slim and simple. With that, Peel produces various designs and colors of super thin cases for your phones. Whenever you hold your handy phone, you can’t even feel that there’s any case at all. Hence, these are unique and exciting choices you can have for the phone you’re using every day. 


When it comes to ingenuity, creativity, and innovation, ROKFORM has all of these in their products. Their customers will surely enjoy the designs and styles of their wide range of phone cases. Dedicated experts are all behind their success in this industry and continuously producing world-class products in the market with the best customer service experience that you could ever have. 

12. Janet Gwen

The company’s success has started with a goal-driven founder, Janet Hoang. She sees having a successful business as her dream, and she wanted to make it happen. Today, she’s now enjoying what the company has reached, and she never stopped developing new creative ideas and high-quality products that all of her customers will truly enjoy. Moreover, Janet Gwen offers different MacBook cases, phone cases, and other accessories. 

13. TECH21 

For over ten years, Tech21 has been protecting your phone and provides you with a particular level of certainty that you can’t find from anywhere else in the same industry. They are proud of their phone-protecting expertise and credentials that their customers value and appreciate so much. Tech21 will give you a selection of cases for your MacBook, iPad, iPhones, and other exciting accessories. 


BLACKBROOK is one of the reliable and popular Shopify stores that sell exceptional cases for your smartphone. Their products are made of leather materials and handcrafted by their team of experts. Besides iPhone cases, they also offer leather cases for AirPods, tablets, apple watches, phone storage wallets, and other exciting phone accessories. 


You can get world-class and premium accessories for your phone from Totallee. Besides the brand discussed earlier, Totallee also offers extra thin phone cases that you won’t even feel that your phone has one at all. It looks simple, but it’s the best minimalistic device accessories, and the company will surely give you a fantastic customer service experience. 


Carved is another phone accessories company with innovative and exciting designs and styles. They use epoxy resin and wood in creating their products, making them more unique compared to others. They have phone cases and covers that have been well handcrafted from raw materials by their team of experts. The natural materials used for these products will surely give your device an amazing feel and provide extra protection.


The crazy horse leather is one of the most available materials on the market. Hence, Crazy Horse Craft uses these materials to create amazing products, such as belts, leather MacBook case, cardholder, iPad cases and stand, and many iPhone cases. Hence, the color and material quality will surely give you a phone case with a classic and minimalist style. 


The TradeNRG offers genuine and high-quality products in the UK. It’s a leading e-marketplace in the industry of a wide range of electronic products. With its best selection, superior sales, competitive prices, and after-sale services, TradeNRG tops the rest. Besides phone cases, they also offer screen protectors, tempered glass, batteries, cables, and many other phone accessories. 


Slick Case specializes in tech gadgets and focuses on creating innovative and unique styles for high-end device users from more than fifty different countries worldwide. They are dedicated to producing products that are Sleek, Slick, and Stylish. Hence, if you’re looking for stylish, unique, and trendy accessories for your phone, Sick Case will surely provide you with tons of exciting choices. 


Caudabe believed the idea that giving more won’t be better; excess can sometimes be good, but being minimalist is to be thoughtful. With this advocacy, the team behind the Caudabe made the business a success. Today, they offer a wide range of exciting and well-crafted phone cases that will surely fit your style and interest. 



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