Top 9 Farm Cartoon Characters In Real Life

Farm animals are mostly known for their significant role in the agriculture industry, but are films accurately showing different sides of them?  With that, here is a list of farm cartoon characters in real life.

1. BoJack F. Horseman

People may know this humanoid horse for being high-tempered, but he has a very relatable personality. A memorable quote from this character reads: “I need to go take a shower so I can’t tell if I am crying or not.” You do not know whether you should be crying or laughing after hearing that. Anyways, let us jump into the physical descriptions of this character. BoJack has dark brown fur and a black mane who is assumed to stand at about 6 feet and 7 inches. His breed remains a mystery, but people have varying opinions.  

Some speculate him to be a grade horse, a horse with unknown lineage. On the other hand, some say that he is a Thoroughbred cross. These types of horses were developed in England for the primary purpose of racing or jumping them. Like BoJack, Thoroughbreds are “hot-blooded” or impatient. Nevertheless, let us disregard the debate on BoJack’s breed since not a single horse can walk with their two hooves and talk about their feelings like him.

2. Donkey

Shrek’s donkey

Donkey’s face is everywhere, as evidenced by the endless memes. This sweet and extremely euphoric character is Shrek’s sidekick and loyal best friend. And if you know of Shrek, you may be well aware that Donkey is beyond talkative. He also has a passion for music and often dances or sings.

With a disproportionately huge head and long ears, this character accurately resembles real-life donkeys in the physical department. However, as seen in Shrek, Donkey loves anything sweet. He enjoys cakes and waffles. Real Donkeys, on the other hand, consume highly fibrous plant materials like straw and hay. But all things considered, both versions have some similarities: they are social and sometimes stubborn. Real donkeys are also very independent. Do you think this Donkey from Shrek is the same?

3. Bellwether

Zootopia is a famous movie about the adventures of fun and entertaining anthropomorphic animals. Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether is the main antagonist of this film. Though she looks very proper and put-together, an evil sheep hides under all that wool. This assistant mayor is a very impatient perfectionist. Are sheep savage animals like Bellwether?

No, sheep are generally silent and gentle. These animals are obedient, often listening to their leaders. Without a doubt, sheep are hardworking too. So, although Bellwether’s looks are accurate to real sheep, their characteristics are vastly different.

4. Ace Cluck

If you have been an avid Disney channel viewer, you know Chicken Little. In this movie, the main protagonist, named Ace, is very smart. We can say this because he seemed to be the only character who noticed the strange hexagon-shaped object fall from the sky. That’s how the memorable line, “the sky is falling”, emerged.  With white feathers and a red rooster comb, Ace accurately portrays real chickens physically and in terms of characteristics too.

Did you know that chickens are indeed highly intelligent?  In fact, they can impressively communicate with each other well. Like dogs, they make different sounds that have corresponding meanings. And while they cannot exactly utter “the sky is falling,” some vocalizations they make indicate warnings for incoming threats. How cool is that?   

5. Jeb

We have yet another well-known Disney character in this list of farm cartoon characters in real life. This is Jeb, the old, pessimistic, grumpy goat of Home on the Range. He immediately despises other farm animals who dare touch his loved tin can collection. And although he has been rude for the most part, he redeems himself when a rainstorm hits the farm. So, Jeb has a heart after all.

Domestic goats who live on farms are social. In fact, they get extremely sad if they do not have other goats around to keep them company. So, maybe that is the reason why Jeb is so grumpy.

6. Mighty Mouse

We are half-way through the list, and now we are going to discuss some genetically modified animals.

Mike Mouse, also known as “Mighty Mouse,” is an animated superhero animal. He is confident, empathetic, and has a burning passion to fight for justice. And fun fact, creators made this character as a parody of Superman—which explains the similar costume: red cape and underwear. Nevertheless, Mike Mouse has become his own superhero.

Amazingly, researchers from Case Western Reserve University have successfully bred a line of “mighty mice.” These genetically modified creatures have developed the impressive ability to run about 6 kilometers at a speed of 20 meters per minute. Can you run that fast? According to researcher W. Hanson, “They are metabolically similar to Lance Armstrong biking up the Pyrenees; they utilize mainly fatty acids for energy and produce very little lactic acid.”

And of course, all that running requires a lot of fuel. So, these mighty mice eat 60% more than the others. And amazingly, despite that increase in appetite, they remain “fitter trimmer, and live and breed longer.” Are you as impressed as we are?

7. Piglet

Small characters with big hearts are not uncommon. The sweet and tiny Piglet from Winnie the Pooh is a great example. Piglet is Pooh’s closest friend who is beyond generous and kind. According to the character himself, “And a piglet’s not brave, it is true, but if he has friends like you, he might ride upon a wish on a star. And so, you see I’m proud to be what piglets are.”

Chinese genomics have used some spectacular gene editing techniques to make real tiny pigs. Beijing Genomics Institute is the largest genome research organization in the world. And these micro-pigs were initially developed as models for human disease. But eventually, they announced that they would start introducing these animals as pets. This is the most interesting part; some researchers claim that customers may be able to order pigs with customized coat colors and patterns in the future. How do you feel about that?

8. Donald Duck

We all know Donald, the anthropomorphic duck who is often a victim of bad luck. Debatably second to Mickey Mouse for being the most popular cartoon character, people adore him despite him being a hot head. Donald Duck wears a sailor suit blouse and hat. And people have tried to dress their ducks this way too.

So, let us start comparing both versions of this animal. Firstly, ducks are loyal to their lovers. Like Donald, they stay monogamous for the most part. But ducks can generally choose mates every year—which Donald obviously does not do. And opposite to Donald, male ducks are usually silent. And as we all know, Donald is not capable of keeping his mouth shut.

9. Heffer Wolfe

Of course, this list of farm cartoon characters in real life will not be complete without a cow. From the television and comic book series entitled “Rocko’s Modern Life,” Heffer is the male cattle assumed to be in his mid-20s. He is yellow with an orange snout. Heffer also has distinct green hair and is often seen wearing red suspenders.

Yellow-skinned cows may look weird, but they exist. The Southern Yellow Cattle is a mix of two different species, namely Bos taurus and B. indicus. Small but sturdy, their purpose initially was to become draft animals. However, they are currently used for their excellent meat. If you want to catch a glimpse of one, they can be found in Vietnam, Taiwan, and Southern China.


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