Ranked: 18 Best “Gravity Falls” Cosplay

We cannot deny that Disney Channel series, in general, have a special place in our hearts. But the quirky animation, engaging storyline filled with mysteries, and interesting characters of this show is something else. With that, here is a list of the best Gravity Falls cosplay!

1. M-Rainey

First on our list is stunning cosplay that was shot by M-Rainey. Here you can see how Dipper would look like as an adult. The photographer revealed in the comments of her post that she took the photo at some forest in Russia. How cool! 

2. Жopa

Next on our list is the cosplay by Жopa. Shot by EnvytheOne, the photo features the character’s youthful charisma and accurate outfit. And look, you can also spot the iconic Journal 3! 

3. Babi Sparrow 

If you want to see Dipper and Mabel together, take a look at this photo posted by Babi Sparrow. The props, outfits, and facial expressions are spot-on!

4. AlyGainsboroughx

Next on our list is this look by AlyGainsboroughx, which you can find on Reddit. With the adorable Waddles plush and forest background, this cosplay is lovely! 

5. Kagato Cosplay

Kagato Cosplay did a superb job in dressing up as Grunkle Stan. Complete with the props and exaggerated pout, this look is perfect! 

6. Mad Doctor Mike

Next on our list is another accurate cosplay by Mad Doctor Mike. It is good to see Grunkle stan having fun in this photo. 

7. Simbakun

In this cosplay by Simbakun, we can see the cranky Grunkle Stan with a wide smile plastered on his face.  

8. Lord Alexandre 

As you can see, Lord Alexandre absolutely mirrors Soos in this photo, especially with the “peace sign” and visible buck teeth.

9. Tenori Tiger

Another spot-on Soos cosplay worth sharing is this one by Tenori Tiger. And the fact that Wendy is also included in the photo makes everything a hundred times better. 

10. Ivy Hale

Speaking of Wendy Corduroy, here is a flawless cosplay by Ivy Hale, where the artist incorporated Wendy’s tomboyish and laid-back personality. Needless to say, the props and wardrobe are accurate. 

11. Ersanie

Still on the Wendy cosplays, let us admire this look by Ersaniel. She did an excellent job with her accurate make-up and wardrobe. 

12. A-kirra’s 

Let us move on to the cosplays of Bill Cipher. In this striking look by A-kirra’s, the artist took Bill’s human form to another level with the accurate outfit and impressive photo editing.

13. Evil Dietrich

Next, we also have Evil Dietrich’s cosplay that screams danger. Everything about the get-up is flawless. 

14. Alex Laventius

For the last Bill cosplay, here Alex Laventius’s take on the character is his triangular form. 

15. Marv

Marv did a fantastic Ford Pines portrayal, where he also included the journal. 

16. Jason Mahn

This version by Jason Mahn is on a different level. His attention to detail is a plus because he didn’t forget Ford’s six fingers. 

17. Erika

Erika’s portrayal of Ford Pines also deserves a spot on our list. It was a wise decision to add Bill to the photos. 

18. Molza

We are going to end the list with a Pacifica Elise Northwest cosplay. Molza rocked the spoiled persona of the character. Also, who knew an all-violet outfit would look this great? 


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