Ranked: 15 Best “Steven Universe” Cosplay

People of all ages love this Cartoon Network show. Because not only is it fun and entertaining, but the characters teach us valuable lessons we can apply in real life. Speaking of the characters, every one of them has various attributes they contribute to the show. So, let’s find out what they would look like in our world. Here is a list of the best Steven Universe cosplay.

1. Mashi_Thana

Let us begin this list with a look by Mashi_Thana, which you can find on Twitter. She even has Pearl on the picture too! 

2. KaitoEinsam

This version of the character by KaitoEinsam is also worth sharing. You wouldn’t expect to see a monochrome costume look this decent! Do you agree? 

3. Ivy Hale

Ivy Hale posted this ethereal look on the Deviant Art website. Obviously, the cosplay is accurate and beyond fantastic. But can we also acknowledge the impressive background for a moment? The cosplayer definitely put a lot of effort into this. 

4. Jimenez Angelo 

This cosplay of Garnet was uploaded to Pinterest by Jimenez Angelo, and the artist exhibited every feature of the character accurately. 

5. Yuri V

We would also want to share this excellent Garnet cosplay we discovered on the Know Your Name website. Uploaded by Yuri V, this photo reveals what is under Garnet’s visor. 

6. Sioxanne

How can someone possibly pull off looking like this character? Well, Sioxanne found a way to do it exquisitely. She went above and beyond for this one, didn’t she? Props to her, that wig looks like it weighs several pounds. 

7. NIGHTSgirl666

Another cosplay that went above and beyond is this one by NIGHTSgirl666. This time, Peridot is portrayed as a yellow diamond. 

8. Green-Makakas

Both the blue skin color and the blue emotion were depicted in this cosplay by  Green-Makakas

9. Sydney Ralston

Sydney Ralston also did a fantastic job of portraying the Blue Diamond. She even added some effects! 

10. Sunny Kitsune

With a sword on one hand and a shield on the other, Sunny Kitsune will make people want to dress up as Rose for Prom. If you wish to see this picture, you can go to XenPhotos’ profile on the Deviant Art website. 

11. Ellwynbrooke

Doing a cosplay of this character would seem challenging considering the purple skin, but user Ellwynbrooke did a great job. 

12. Niknok007

All the show’s characters are unique and complex, but that does not stop cosplayers from doing a brilliant job in representing them. Niknok007 shared this look on Twitter, and we cannot imagine how much time it took for her to finish the outfit. 

13. DerpmyBASS

DerpmyBASS posted her version of Opal on the Deviant Art website. All we can say is, she did beyond incredible! 

14. Princess-ClanUzumaki

Princess-ClanUzumaki also did a significant job! We love the hair and the subtle blue skin color. What do you think? 

15. Lara Ruiz

Let’s end this list with the one and only Steve Universe. Lara Ruiz shared her version of Steven on Twitter. She nailed the curly hair and overall costume. She even has the shield!  



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