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Top 10 Brands Katy Perry Endorsed

#1 CoverGirl

One of Katy Perry’s most iconic brand collaborations was with the cosmetics giant, CoverGirl. In 2013, she became a CoverGirl spokesperson, joining the ranks of other influential celebrities who have represented the brand. Katy Perry’s vibrant and eclectic style perfectly complemented CoverGirl’s message of self-expression through makeup. During her time as a CoverGirl ambassador, she appeared in several high-profile advertising campaigns and even launched her own makeup collection with the brand, which included eye-catching lipsticks and mascaras.

#2 H&M

Katy Perry’s foray into the fashion world led her to collaborate with the global fashion retailer H&M. She not only graced the covers of H&M’s advertising campaigns but also created her own clothing collection for the brand. Her bold and playful fashion choices aligned perfectly with H&M’s ethos of affordable yet trendy clothing for the masses. The collaboration resulted in stylish and accessible fashion choices for her fans.

#3 Adidas

Sportswear giant Adidas found a unique partner in Katy Perry. While she may not be an athlete, her energetic stage presence and personal style made her a natural fit for the brand. Katy Perry has been spotted donning Adidas clothing and footwear on various occasions, demonstrating that sportswear can seamlessly blend with pop culture. Her involvement with Adidas helped bridge the gap between fashion, music, and sports.

#4 Katy Perry Fragrances

Katy Perry extended her brand even further with her line of fragrances. Her perfumes, such as “Purr,” “Meow,” and “Killer Queen,” were not just scents but expressions of her personality. Each fragrance was uniquely crafted to capture a different facet of her identity, making them popular choices among her fans. These fragrances became a significant part of her brand portfolio and showcased her influence in the beauty industry.

#5 Popchips

Katy Perry’s partnership with Popchips showcased her sense of humor and willingness to embrace playful branding opportunities. She starred in a memorable marketing campaign for the potato chip brand, emphasizing the healthier, popped chip alternative. Her involvement helped Popchips reach a wider audience, thanks to her immense popularity.

#6 Proactiv

Katy Perry’s partnership with Proactiv was more than just a celebrity endorsement; it was a testament to her authenticity and relatability. By becoming the face of Proactiv, Katy Perry opened up about her personal struggles with acne, a topic many individuals, especially young people, could relate to. Her willingness to share her journey toward achieving clear skin resonated with her fans on a deep level. In an industry where perfection is often idealized, Katy’s transparency and vulnerability served as an empowering message. It encouraged others to embrace their imperfections and take steps to improve their self-confidence. Her association with Proactiv showcased that beauty and confidence are not about flawlessness but about embracing one’s individuality and feeling comfortable in one’s skin.

#7 GHD

Katy Perry’s collaboration with GHD (Good Hair Day) was a fusion of style and substance. Not only did she lend her face to the brand, but she also actively contributed to the development of limited-edition styling tools and campaigns. Her signature hairstyles became an integral part of GHD’s marketing strategy. By showcasing her dynamic and ever-changing hairdos, she empowered her fans to experiment with their own hair and embrace their creativity. The partnership with GHD was a celebration of self-expression through hairstyle, reinforcing Katy’s reputation as a trendsetter and style icon.

#8 Macy’s

Katy Perry’s venture into the fragrance industry marked a significant step in her career beyond music. By launching her fragrance line, exclusively available at Macy’s stores, she extended her brand into the world of beauty and fashion. Her fragrances not only captured her essence but also became part of Macy’s extensive beauty offerings. This collaboration solidified her position as a fashion and beauty influencer, making her fragrances accessible to her diverse fan base. Katy Perry’s scents served as a personal touchpoint for her admirers, allowing them to experience a piece of her identity and style.

#9 Toyota

Katy Perry’s collaboration with Toyota added a touch of glamour to the automobile industry. By participating in Toyota’s “Let’s Go Places” campaign, she brought her star power to the world of cars. Her appearances in commercials and promotional materials infused a sense of excitement and aspiration into the automotive realm. Katy Perry’s involvement showcased that cars weren’t just functional machines; they were an extension of one’s lifestyle and personality. Her presence in Toyota’s campaign highlighted the synergy between entertainment and automobiles, emphasizing that a car could be more than just a mode of transportation—it could be an expression of individuality and adventure.

#10 Moschino

Katy Perry’s collaboration with luxury fashion brand Moschino, particularly with creative director Jeremy Scott, was a visual spectacle that merged high fashion with pop culture. Her fearless fashion choices, both on and off the red carpet, showcased her ability to push boundaries and challenge traditional fashion norms. By donning Moschino designs at various high-profile events and during her electrifying performances, Katy Perry brought a sense of audaciousness and playfulness to the world of couture. Her collaboration with Moschino demonstrated that fashion was not just about attire; it was a form of art and self-expression, where creativity knew no bounds.


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