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How Tall Is Frieren From Sousou No Frieren?

Character NameHeight
Frieren~138 cm


This article presents the unofficial height data for Frieren. Frieren’s official height is currently unknown. The data listed in this article is derived on our research and observations. Due to the limited references available, this article analysis needs to be considered as a rough height estimate for Frieren.

Frieren’s height was calculated based on an assumption of another character’s height. Eisen is one of the main 4 protagonist in the show. Eisen is a male dwarf, his official height is also unknown. Eisen’s height was used as a point of reference in figuring out Frieren’s estimated height. This was done by creating an assumed height for Eisen, once we already have his estimated assumed height, we will then use one frame from the anime trailer to compare the scale difference between him and Frieren, ultimately giving us Frieren’s estimated height.

Considering that Eisen is a dwarf, if we base it on articles from Mayo Clinic and on this Reddit LORT Discussion, we can say that it is very probable that his height would fall around 4ft (121.92 cm). If this assumption is correct, then it would give us a reference point in calculating Frieren’s height, and additionally, we can also use Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool to help use create values and observe perspectives for our estimates.

The frame above was taken from the anime trailer on Youtube [Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End ( Sousou No Frieren ) – Official Trailer 2 | English Subtitles], it shows 3 characters namely, Eisen, Frieren and Heiter. They all stand on the same line; this allows use to create a visual scale difference for both Eisen and Frieren.

The frame gives us a perspective about Eisen’s height, it appears that his height is in relative line with Frieren’s chin height. With the help of Hikaku Height Chart Tool, we are able to calculate Frieren’s height based on the image.

If a dwarf who stand at 122 cm have a total height which levels the same as a girl who’s chin height is at that same value, it should give the girl an estimated height value of around 138 cm. Therefore, Frieren is pretty likely to be somewhere around that height.


Reddit LORT Discussion

Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End ( Sousou No Frieren ) – Official Trailer 2 | English Subtitles


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