How Tall Are The Characters In Hoshikuzu Telepath?

Character NameHeight
Umika Konohoshi151 cm
Yu Akeuchi~161 cm
Raimon Matataki~158 cm
Takaragi Haruno~161 cm


This article presents our unofficial height estimates for some of the characters in the anime “Hoshikuzu Telepath”. The data listed here contains one referenced height info from anidb, while at the same time, it also contains another height data (the one for Yu Akeuchi) derived from our own research and observation. This article presents several estimated unofficial heights of the characters in the anime. This was done considering that some of the characters in the anime are yet to have any official height data.

Umika Konohoshi was used as a main frame of reference in creating this article. Her height was mentioned on one AnidB character profile page. On the page, it was mentioned that she has a height of 151 cm. This height will be used to calculate Yu Akeuchi’s height.

Yu Akeuichi’s height was estimated by observing the scale difference between her and Umika Konohoshi. Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool was then later used as a tool in observing and creating height data values for Yu Akeuchi.

Additionally, one image taken from Yuri Anime News was also used as a reference for visually observing the height scale difference between Yu Akeuchi and Umika Konohoshi. (See image below)

The image gives us a perspective where Yu Akeuchi stands taller than Umika Konohoshi. Umika Konohoshi’s total height (151 cm) is relative to Yu Akeuchi’s eyebrow height. This visual perspective data will be used as a reference in creating our avatars on Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart Tool.

After putting in the input on the height chart tool, we have come to the conclusion that Yu Akeuchi should stand somewhere around the height range of 160 – 162 cm.

For other characters, the image below (taken from Daily Anime News), presents a reference image for calculating the rough height differences of the characters.

By applying the same analysis we did for Yu Akeuchi’s estimated height, we can come up with a height range estimate for the two other characters observable in the frame below.

Raimon Matataki, the brown haired girl with the glasses, should stand at the relative height range of around 158 cm.

Meanwhile, Takaragi Haruno, the blonde girl on the right, should stand at the same height as Yu Akeuchi (160-162cm).

These height estimates should be considered as rough height estimates due to the limited perspectives which are needed to create an accurate height range for the characters.



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