How Tall Are The Characters In Sweet Resurrection?

Character NameHeight
Pastry Mille Morteln~125 cm
Casserole Mille Morteln~170.8 cm
Sheet Beatwin~169 cm
Licorice Mille Hubarek~130 cm
Marcarullo Doroba~123 cm
Luminito Aidilichpa~127 cm


The height data listed in this article is not the official height data list for any of the characters, it is instead our unofficial height estimates which are all derived from our own research and observations.

This article hinges on the assumption saying that Casserole Mille Morteln is of the average height. His average height is also based on the average Japanese male adult height which is around 170.8 cm.

This assumption is derived from our observation on several frames on the episodes of the show and also on multiple Google Image where we can observe Casserole stand in frame along with other male characters such as Sheet Beatwin.

Considering that most of the adult (healthy) male characters are just about the same height as one another, it can be likely that Casserole would fall also on their same average height since he is also shown to stand on their same height level. This therefore gives us an estimated height value for Casserole, that is 170.8 cm, the average Japanese adult male height.

Casserole’s height can be used as a reference in figuring out the estimated height of other characters such as Pastry Mille Morteln. This is however only possible if there is a frame available where we can see Casserole stand next to them.

For the case of Sheet Baldin, we can see in one frame from the first episode of the anime that he is just a few cm shorter compared to Casserole, therefore we can give him an estimated height of 169 – 170 cm.

For the case of Pastry, we can see on one frame from the first episode of the anime at around 20:30 that he stands at around the pectoral or breast height of Casserole. We can use this perspective in calculating Pastry’s estimated height. This can be done through the use of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool.

After putting in the input on Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart Tool, it becomes evident that Pastry, a 9-year-old boy, whose maximum height is at the breast height of a 170.8 cm tall man, should be around the height of 125 cm. Therefore, we can conclude that the estimated height of Pastry Mille Morteln should be around 125 cm.

Now that we have Pastry’s estimated height, we can then proceed and figure out the other characters show in the frame below.

The frame above features 4 characters, namely, Pastry Mille Morteln, Licorice Mille Hubarek, Marcarullo Doroba, and Luminito Aidilichpa. (From left to right)

The frame can be used to estimated the heights of the three characters relative to Pastry. This is done again by observing the scale difference of the characters and then using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool as an observation tool in creating estimated height values for the characters.

We start first with Licorice Mille Hubarek. She appears to be a bit taller compared to Pastry. Pastry’s maximum height is in the same line as the lower forehead of Licorice. If we use this perspective and put in our input on the Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart Tool, we will come up with 130 cm as the estimated height for Licorice Mille Hubarek.

The second character would be Marcarullo Doroba. He appears to be just a few centimetres shorten than when compared to Pastry. His maximum height seems to be in the same line as the upper forehead of Pastry. If we put this perspective into the Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we will come up with the value 123 cm as the estimated height for Marcarullo Doroba.

Third and lastly, we have Luminito Aidilichpa. SShe appears to stand a few cm taller than Pastry. Pastry’s total height seems to be in the same height line as Luminito’s upper forehead, this gives Luminito an estimated height of around 127 cm when scaled next to Pastry’s height on Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart Tool.


Hikaku Sittater


First Episode of the Sweet Reincarnation Anime


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