How Tall Are The Main Characters In My Happy Marriage?

Character NameHeight
Kiyoka Kidou~190 cm
Miyo Saimori~159.5 cm


There appears to be no official height for both of the characters listed in this article. The data presented in this article is an estimated height date we have created for the characters. The concluded height data for both characters are derived from our research and observations based on several frames from the animation of the show.

First of all, since none of the characters have any official height data which we can use, we cannot scale anyone next to anybody, this means that we would need to watch some frames from the anime which gives us a rough idea about the height of any of both characters listed. This can be done by observing the scale difference between a character and an object when they stand in relative linear observable frame.

In this scenario, Miyo Saimori was used as our main reference in calculation Kiyoka Kidou’s height, while at the same time, Miyo Saimori’s height was estimated by observing her height difference relative to other female characters in the show.

Our observations led us to believe the Miyo Saimori is very likely to fall under the average Japanese female height, considering that when we observe her scale difference next to other female characters in the show, she appears to be just about the same height as most of them. This therefore gives us an estimated height range for Miyo Saimori which is around 159.5cm, this height data is based on one article from Wanna Be Taller.

Now that we have Saimori’s estimated height, we can now used her height value to calculate Kidou’s height. Kidou’s height was estimated by observing his scale difference next to Saimori, the image below is used as a reference in this observation.

The image above is taken from IMDb. It features a frame where both Kidou and Saimori stand next to one another. By observing the frame, we can see that Saimori’s total height is on the same line as Kidou’s shoulder height. This gives us a perspective which we can input on Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, ultimately giving us Kidou’s estimated height.

After putting in some input on the height chart tool, we figured out that a man who’s shoulder height levels the same as 159.5cm, should have an estimated height range of around 190cm. This gives Kiyoka Kidou a very huge size or stature.


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Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool


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