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Top 4 Best Waterjet Cutting Service Provider in Ohio

#1 C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC, is a company that provides waterjet cutting services in Ohio. The company emphasizes that all of its equipment is manufactured in the United States.

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC was founded in 2001 by Steve and Jim Goldschmidt, initially as a manufacturing company catering to the greater Cincinnati area.

The company’s initial mission was to offer quality manufacturing services to the machining industries at competitive prices and with quick turnaround times.

Over time, the company expanded its services to include waterjet cutting. They now extend the same level of service and quality to customers in this field.

The company has invested in advanced waterjet cutting machines, including the Omax 55100 and the cutting-edge Omax OptiMAX 60X, capable of cutting materials up to 12 inches thick. They operate a total of four machines, two of which have large cutting areas of 60″ x 120″.

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC is committed to delivering high-quality waterjet cutting services, emphasizing values such as honesty, quality, and value.

Contact Information

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC is located at 2865 Compton Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45251, United States. You can reach them by phone at +1.513-641-0600 or by emailing your inquiries and quotes to

#2 Remcon Waterjet, Inc

Remcon Waterjet, Inc. is a company that specializes in waterjet cutting and related services in Akron, Ohio.

The company focuses on waterjet cutting, a method that uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut various materials. Their company website highlights several advantages of waterjet cutting:

No heat affected zone: Waterjet cutting doesn’t generate heat during the process, preventing problems like microcracking, distortion of parts, and the need for deburring or grinding.

Material utilization: Waterjet cutting is efficient in terms of material usage, as it doesn’t produce chips, and drops can be salvaged.

Lower secondary machining costs: The cut quality and precision of waterjet cutting reduce the need for additional machining, extending cutter life and enabling net shape generation.

Piercing cuts: Waterjet cutting can create start holes without affecting the material with heat.

Remcon Waterjet, Inc. offers two main services, they refurbish and repair waterjet equipment and they provide waterjet cutting services for various materials, including metals, glass, stone, composites, foams, plastics, rubber, and more. They use abrasive jet cutting for some materials and pure waterjet cutting for others.

In summary, Remcon Waterjet, Inc. is a company with over three decades of experience in providing waterjet cutting services and remanufacturing waterjet equipment. They highlight the advantages of waterjet cutting, which includes its precision, lack of heat-affected zones, and cost-effectiveness. The company is located in Akron, Ohio, and offers services for a wide range of materials and industries.

Contact Information

The contact information for Remcon Waterjet, Inc. as of the provided text is as follows:

Address: 2052 Akron-Peninsula Road, Akron, Ohio, 44313-4802

Phone: 330.929.8616

Fax: 330.929.8683

Toll-Free Phone: 1.800.280.5101

#3 Whole Shop Inc.

Whole Shop, Inc. boasts a history that spans over 35 years within the metalworking industry. The company’s roots trace back to its founder, Robert Clark, Sr., a man with limited formal education but a strong work ethic. He initially established the company as “The Hole Shop,” focusing on basic machining tasks like drilling, tapping, and hole punching. As the company evolved and diversified into various aspects of manufacturing, it was renamed “Whole Shop, Inc.”

Whole Shop, Inc. is a reputable company in Ohio that excels in providing precision metalworking services. Their core services include:

Laser Cutting Services: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Whole Shop, Inc. offers precise laser cutting services. This process allows for intricate and accurate cuts across various materials, meeting the demands of diverse applications.

Water Jet Cutting Services: The company also specializes in water jet cutting, a versatile method that can handle a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. Water jet cutting is known for its precision and is suitable for complex designs.

Welding & Fabrication: Whole Shop, Inc. provides welding and fabrication services, ensuring that customers’ specific project requirements are met. This adds a valuable dimension to their offerings, allowing for custom metalwork and assembly.

Contact Information

You can contact Whole Shop, Inc. at their address: 181 S. Thomas Road, Tallmadge, Ohio 44278, USA. For general inquiries, you may call them at (800) 837-1710, and you can also reach them at an additional phone number: (330) 630-5305. Their fax number is (330) 630-5317. If you have any questions or need information about their services, you can use these contact details to get in touch with them.

#4 Custom Cutters

“Custom Cutters” is a company located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and it specializes in metal fabrication and other related services.

Custom Cutters is a family-owned and -operated company established in 1998. They offer a variety of metal fabrication services and have expanded their manufacturing processes over the years. They emphasize the importance of quality control and prioritize treating their employees, customers, and suppliers well.

Custom Cutters operates from a 16,000 square foot facility, which enables them to offer multiple services to their customers, making them a one-stop shop for metal-related projects. They mention using state-of-the-art equipment and methods to produce items that may be challenging to make using other methods, and they do so at competitive prices.

Custom Cutters offers services such as:

  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Powder Coating
  • Fabrication
  • Metal Sales
  • Sandblasting
  • Signage & Logos
  • Floor Inlays

With regards to their Waterjet Cutting service, they emphasize in their website that they have extensive experience in the industry. They mention their CNC-controlled machines and the ability to cut various materials with high precision and minimal heat distortion. The process is considered environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Contact Information

Custom Cutters is located at 8924 Columbus Rd., Mount Vernon, OH 43050.

You can contact them via email at or by phone at 740-392-1383.

If you need to send a fax, their fax number is (740) 392-7720.

They are open for business from Monday to Friday, operating from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Feel free to reach out to them during these hours for any inquiries or assistance with your metal fabrication needs.


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