Top 5 Companies Who Endorsed the Nom Nom Dog Food Brand

#1 iHeartDogs

“iHeartDogs” is an online platform that offers various products and resources for dog owners and lovers. The website features a wide range of dog-related content, including articles, product reviews, training tips, and heartwarming stories about dogs.    

Additionally, iHeartDogs partners with animal shelters and rescue organizations to support dog adoptions and donate a portion of their proceeds to help dogs in need.    

There is one blog article from the iHeartDogs Blogs where NomNom dogfood was featured.    

The article describes a dog owner’s journey of switching their pets from traditional kibble to Nom Nom fresh dog food. The decision was based on research and a desire for better nutrition. After transitioning, the dogs showed increased energy and improved health, with one dog’s weight issues addressed by the brand’s personalized approach. The owner was impressed with Nom Nom’s use of high-quality ingredients and recipes developed by a veterinary nutritionist. Overall, the review highlights the positive impact of a fresh dog food diet on the dogs’ well-being.

In the NomNomNow main page, the quote “The results have been beyond my highest expectations” is featured as a testimonial for the Nom Nom dog food brand, and this quote comes from that one article from iHeartDogs.  

#2 Buzzfeed

One article from BuzzFeed features a glowing review of Nom Nom dog food, highlighting the positive impact it had on the author’s dogs after switching from traditional kibble.    

The review emphasizes the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality, pre-portioned meals formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, leading to improvements in the dogs’ health, energy levels, coat quality, weight loss, and overall vitality.    

BuzzFeed, a popular digital media company known for its engaging content and diverse coverage, including pet-related topics, showcases Nom Nom as a convenient and top-quality option for pet owners seeking the best nutrition for their beloved companions.    

Through one article, BuzzFeed endorsed the Nom Nom brand by providing an in-depth look at its offerings and serving as a testimonial to the benefits of fresh, personalized pet food, ultimately promoting healthier and happier lives for pets.    

One quote from that one article on Buzzfeed is now being used on the Nom Nom Now brand official page as a part of their testimonials for their dog food.

#3 NBC News

NBC News is a renowned news organization that provides comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of national and international events. It offers news through various platforms, including television, online, and social media, reaching a broad audience worldwide. With a reputation for reliable reporting and in-depth analysis, NBC News is a trusted source of information for millions of viewers and readers.    

Back in 2019, there was one article from NBC where it talked about a growing trend of pet owners opting for gourmet, fresh, and personalized dog food delivered to their doors.    

Nom Nom Now,” “YaDoggie,” and “The Farmer’s Dog” were all featured on the article as they were some of the start-up companies during that time who offered subscription services for freshly prepared dog meals tailored to individual needs.    

According to the article, the shift towards premium and natural pet food was influenced by pet food recalls in the past and a desire among pet owners to prioritize their pets’ health and well-being. While these services were convenient and well-received by many, their premium nature made them relatively expensive, and the companies needed to find ways to reduce costs to reach a wider audience. Despite the higher price point, pet owners, especially those in the 40+ age group, showed interest in such personalized pet food options.    

Much like the other popular companies, one quote on the article from NBC News had been featured on the main page of the NomNomNow site.

#4 Insider

Insider, a media company that covers a wide range of topics, including technology, streaming, home, kitchen, health, style, beauty, gifts, and deals. In one specific article, the author discusses their experience with “Nom Nom.”    

The article discusses Nom Nom, a subscription-based service that delivers fresh cat and dog food to your door each month.    

The author of the article shares their experiences with three cats that tested out Nom Nom’s fresh pet food. One cat showed an exceptionally enthusiastic response to the food, while the other cats had mixed reactions.      

The author praises the care-grade ingredients used by Nom Nom, such as chicken, pork, asparagus, and carrots.    

The pricing for the service is discussed, noting that it can be relatively expensive, but the article suggests that the long-term benefits of a healthier diet may outweigh the costs of potential vet bills and health problems.    

The article positively endorses Nom Nom as a great option for pet owners who want to provide their pets with fresher and healthier food.  

#5 Dog Food Advisor

The “Dog Food Advisor” website is a popular online resource that provides reviews, ratings, and information on various types and brands of dog food. The website is dedicated to helping dog owners make informed decisions about what to feed their pets.    

On one recent article from Dog Food Advisor, the Nom Nom brand was featured in a product review.     The review goes into detail about the ingredients in the Nom Nom Turkey Fare recipe, providing an analysis of each ingredient’s nutritional value.    

The review highlights that Nom Nom uses named meat as its main source of animal protein, making it a grain-inclusive recipe. The food is also formulated by a practicing veterinarian and professor of veterinary medicine, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, who is a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.    

One quote from the article was extracted and is now being featured on the NomNomNow main site.


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