Top 5 Biggest Companies Endorsing MudWtr

#1 New York Times

In Wirecutter (a subsidiary of New York Times), there is one article named “I Love Coffee, but I Gave It Up for MudWtr. Don’t Make My Mistake” which presents a review of a coffee alternative called MudWtr.   The author, Ben Keough, explores the trend of coffee alternatives and gives his personal experience trying MudWtr for a week.  

MudWtr is marketed as a healthier and less stimulating alternative to coffee, containing a mix of cacao, spices, tea, and powdered mushrooms. The article discusses the ingredients in MudWtr, its claims, and whether it can provide the same energy and focus as coffee.    

Throughout the review, the Ben shares his first impressions, taste experiences, and how MudWtr affected his energy levels compared to coffee. The review delves into the taste, benefits, and drawbacks of MudWtr and other coffee alternatives, ultimately providing a personal perspective on whether these products can serve as viable substitutes for coffee.    

This review, although it doesn’t put the MudWtr brand on a pedestal, still gave out a pretty good shout-out to the brand, considering how popular the New York Times is.    

#2 Forbes

In an article called “3 Entrepreneurs Creating Coffee Alternatives For 2021” from Forbes, the MudWtr brand was featured, along with its CEO Shane Heath.    

The article provides a comprehensive portrayal of MUD\WTR, its founder, and its mission. It introduces the brand to a broader audience and may have contributed to endorsing the brand’s values, uniqueness, and potential benefits to readers interested in coffee alternatives and health-conscious products.    

The Forbes article positively endorsed the MUD\WTR brand for several reasons. Being featured in a reputable publication like Forbes adds credibility to the brand, influencing readers’ perception of it. The article also highlighted the founder’s personal journey, overcoming anxiety, and starting the company, creating an authentic and relatable connection with readers.


VICE, a media company that produces content on a wide range of topics, including news, culture, entertainment, technology, and more. VICE is known for its edgy and alternative approach to journalism and storytelling. There is one specific article written by Jamie Steidle on July 21, 2022 where a product review of MudWtr was featured.    

The article puts the brand in a good light as Jamie Steidle shares his experience with the product.     Jamie gave up regular coffee due to anxiety issues and was intrigued by MUD\WTR’s popularity on social media and endorsements.    

He tried the product as a “mud latte” by mixing it with water, coconut creamer, and other ingredients.     The lower caffeine content apparently provided a smooth, manageable buzz similar to black tea. Although the product may not appeal to those who dislike earthy flavors, Jamie enjoyed it for its natural taste.      

#4 The Guardian

The Guardian is a renowned British newspaper and media organization famous for its independent journalism and progressive stance. With a legacy dating back to 1821, it has gained a global readership for its reliable coverage of news, politics, culture, and more, attracting a diverse audience seeking quality journalism and diverse perspectives.    

Among many of the articles published by the company, there is one called “Mushroom magic: why the latest health fad might be on to something” where the MudWtr brand was specifically pointed out. This article was published back in January 16, 2019.    

It’s worth noting that the article doesn’t specifically endorse or promote Mud\Wtr. Instead, it uses the brand as an example to highlight the broader trend of companies selling mushroom-based products and the various health claims associated with them.    

Mud\Wtr was mentioned in the article as an example of a company that sells a mushroom-based product. The article talks about the growing popularity of mushrooms in the US market, especially so-called “functional mushrooms” that are touted for their health benefits.    

The article briefly mentions how Heath started the brand and the claims made on the Mud\Wtr website about the health benefits of the mushrooms used in the drink mix.    

#5 Business Insider

Insider is a renowned media company that has gained fame for its diverse and engaging content covering a wide range of topics, including business, finance, technology, politics, and lifestyle. Its flagship website, Business Insider, is widely recognized for its timely and in-depth coverage of global business trends and financial developments.    

MudWtr, along with its founder, Shane Heath, was featured in one recent article from the company. The article highlights Shane’s approach to building a company culture that prioritizes employee well-being over the traditional startup hustle culture.    

It also showcases the success and growth of Mud/Wtr and its unique coffee alternatives made from organic ingredients.    

By sharing Shane Heath’s personal journey, wellness rituals, and the company’s focus on employee health, the article presents a positive image of Mud/Wtr as a brand that cares about its team and aims to create a sustainable and high-performing culture. The piece could potentially generate interest in the brand among readers who value health-conscious companies and are interested in unique coffee alternatives.


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