Top 4 Celebrity Makeup Artists That Endorses Sacheu Beauty and Why

#1 Sarah Cheung

Sarah Cheung is the founder of the SACHEU brand. Sarah Cheung is a youtuber, a makeup artist, and an entrepreneur. She has over 280,000 followers on her Instagram profile and almost 800,000 on her Youtube.  

Being the founder and CEO of her own brand, she endorses and supports her products through her social media accounts.  

#2 Hyram Yarbro

Hyram is another high profile Skincare Influencer, Youtuber, and Tiktoker. He often posts product reviews and testimonials on his social media accounts regarding multiple brands.  

Hyram himself also has his very own cosmetic product brand called Selfless by Hyram, Hyram has over 4.5 million subscribers on his Youtube 922k followers on his Instagram, and over 6.1 million following on his Tiktok.

In one of his Youtube Video where he reacts to Lily Collin’s skincare routine, Hyram gave out multiple positive impressions about the Sacheu Beauty brand products.  

#3 James Welsh

James Welsh is a well-known skincare and beauty influencer on YouTube and social media. He is known for his expertise in skincare products and routines, providing helpful tips and advice to his audience.   James gained popularity through his engaging and informative content, where he reviews various skincare products, shares skincare routines, and discusses the importance of proper skincare.  

In one of his many Youtube brand reviews, James Welsh made a dedicated video for the SACHEU Beauty brand products, specifically the Gua Sha and the Face Roller.  

James Welsh’s opinion about the brand is very positive, he quotes “Sacheu beauty have these amazing, freezing cold stainless steel rollers and Gua Sha that naturally stay cold on their own so no beauty fridge needed.” James further adds “And they are heavvvvvyyyy in the best wayyyy they feel so luuuuxxxx and they are very reasonably priced.”  

#4 Susan Yara

Susan Yara is another beauty and lifestyle content creator who once endorsed the SACHEU Brand. She gained popularity on YouTube, where she runs the channel Mixed Makeup. The channel has over 1.5 million subscribers by the time of writing this article.  

On her channel, Susan shares skincare routines, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and lifestyle tips.   Her content focuses on helping people achieve healthy and beautiful skin while also promoting clean and natural beauty products.  

Susan Yara is known for her expertise in the beauty industry, and her videos are appreciated for their informative and genuine approach. She has amassed a significant following on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok and she has collaborated with several beauty brands, this includes the SACHEU Brand.  

There is one Youtube video from Susan’s Mixed Makeup channel where she mentions her use of the SACHEU face roller.  

According to Susan, Cheung had given the face roller to her as a gift and she has been obsessed with the face roller mainly due to its self-cooling and balanced weight elements. Susan mentions that the rollers allows you to unique roll it through your face in a “precise way”. Susan further added that the roller is remarkably easy to clean.  


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