How Tall Are The Characters in Do It Yourself!!?

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This article presents our unofficial estimated height for the characters. As of the time of writing this article, there is currently no official height for any of the girls in the show. The heights of the characters were calculated using these two methods. First, one character’s height had to be estimated by scaling them relative to an object in the show. Once we have that one character’s estimated height, we can scale other characters besides them, ultimately giving us all the estimated height value for the characters. The first episode of the show and a photo taken from the DIY Anime Fandom were used as a main frame of reference in making this article.

In the first episode of the anime, at around the time frame 3:08, we see Takumi stand right beside a high school classroom student table/desk while she talks to Serufu. The frame gives us a visual indicating that the total height of the table is in lined with the pelvic height of Takumi. Now that we have an idea of the relative difference between the table and Takumi, we now need to figure out how tall exactly are high school student tables. According to this one article from Smith System, the table height for students from Grades 6 until Grade 12 is 29 inches (73.66 cm). Therefore, we assume that the same table in the frame from the first episode of the anime shares the same height value as mentioned on the Smith System article. In this case, we now have the estimated height value of the table, now we can estimate the height of Takumi by scaling her height difference relative to the table; this can be done with the help of Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Tool. After putting in some values on the height chart tool, we figured out that Takumi should have a height pretty close around 150 cm.

Now that we have Takumi’s estimated height value, we can then proceed and scale her next to other characters, this will be based on the image below (the one on the right) taken from DIY Anime Fandom. The image on the left shows the visuals we have put on Hikaku Sittater Height Chart.

After putting in the inputs concerning the height difference of the characters in the frame, we conclude the following results as estimated height for the characters: Kurei is around 177cm. Takumi is around 150cm. Serufu is around 160cm. Purin is around 166cm. Jobko is around 147cm. Shii is around 166cm.   References:

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