How Tall Is Luciel From The Great Cleric?

Character NameHeight
Luciel~178 cm


This article presents the unofficial height data for Luciel. The data regarding Luciel’s height in this article is by no means his official height. As of the time of writing this article, the official height of Luciel is unknown. This article will present Luciel’s unofficial estimated height which is based on our own research and observations.    

The first episode of the anime will be used as a major reference in this article. In it, we will find frames from the show where Luciel stands in a relative line next to a certain object. This will allow us to figure out exactly how tall is Luciel based on the standard height of the object.    

The image above was a frame taken from the anime. It can be seen around the time mark [12:54] in the first episode of the anime. In the frame, we can see Luciel stand in front of what appears to be a guild reception desk. This desk will be used in reference to calculating Luciel’s estimated height. If we could somehow figure out how tall is the reception desk, then we would be able to give an estimated height value for Luciel.    

According to this one Office Interiors Blog, the best reception desk height for most offices is a combination of two heights: one for interacting with standing customers and another for working while seated. The higher portion is typically a standard bar height, around 40 to 42 inches, and the lower is a standard desk height, about 28 to 30 inches.  

In this scenario, we create an assumption telling that the same reception desk in the anime follows the same standard bar height which is around 40-42 inches. In this case, we will use the midpoint between these numbers which is 41 inches (104.14 cm).  If this assumption is correct, then it would give us Luciel’s most probably height range.    

With the help of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we will observe the scale difference between a 41 inch tall object and a man whose waist height levels that same height. After putting in some input on the chart tool, we came up with the conclusion that Luciel is probably somewhere around the height of 178 cm.    

To conclude, we were able to find out Luciel’s estimated height by scaling him next to a reception desk in the anime, and in the scale calculation, we assumed that the reception desk in the anime follows the same standard bar desk height in the real life modern world.     Additionally, now that we have Luciel’s estimated height, we can now estimate the heights of other characters easily. This can be done by scaling Luciel next to them.

For example, in the first episode of the anime, at around the time mark [3:46], we can see several other characters (only the ones on the bottom) stand on the same line as Luciel, in this case, since they stand on the same frame and on the same visual line, we can easily create their height estimates by using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool.  


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Office Interiors Blog


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