How Tall Are The Characters In Undead Girl Murder Farce?

Character NameHeight
Tsugaru Shinuchi~174 cm
Shizuku Hasei~162 cm


This article will present our unofficial height estimates for the characters. This article does not contain any official height data for any of the characters listed, as the official heights of the characters are still currently unknown.    

The first episode of the anime was used as a main reference in making this article. The character, Tsugaru Shinuchi, was used also as a reference in calculating the heights of other characters after his height was estimated.    

Tsugaru Shinuchi’s height was estimated by scaling him next to a door, this can be seen at around the time mark 1:21 in the first episode of the anime.

The show appears to have an emphasis on its genre being set on medieval (feudal Japan). In this case, doors during these times especially interior doors are pretty likely to be only about 6 feet tall (Quora). Westernization was what led to modern Japan developing a standard door height similar to that of the West, which is around 80 inches (~203 cm).    

By observing the height difference between Tsugaru Shinuchi and the door top frame, we can see above 3-4 inches difference in the gap between the top of his head and the top wooden door frame. By using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we can create a visual input and this gives us a perspective telling us that Tsugaru Shinuchi is probably around the height of 173 ~ 175 cm.    

Now that we have Tsugaru Shinuchi estimated height data, we can then proceed and try to scale the other characters next to him in order for us to get their estimated height data also.  

The image above shows us Shizuku Hasei (the girl on the left). This image was taken from LeoSigh. In the image, we can see Shizuku Hasei stand in the same floor line as Tsugaru Shinuchi. If we observe the scale difference between the two, we can see that Shizuku Hasei’s maximum height is in the same level as Tsugaru Shinuchi upper nose height. With the help of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we are able to create a visual observation between the height of female whose total height is in the same height line as the upper nose height of a man whose total height is around 174 cm, this gives us a conclusion that Shizuku Hasei is pretty likely to be around the height of 162 cm.    


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool




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