How Tall Are The Characters In Skip To Loafer?

Character NameHeight
Mitsumi Iwakura~158 cm
Sosoku Shima~178 cm
Mika Egashira~160 cm
Yuzuke Murashige~162 cm


This list doesn’t contain the official heights of the characters. This article only features the unofficial height data of the characters, all of which are derived from our research and observations.   Mitsumi Iwakura, the main character in the anime, was used as a main frame of reference in calculating most of the characters’ heights.  

According to Skip-and-Loafer Fandom, on Mitsumi Iwakura’s character page on their site, it was mentioned that Mitsumi is a young girl of about 15 years of age who can be described as petite and of average height for girls her age. This information gives us an idea that it is pretty likely that Iwakura falls under the average 15 year old female Japanese height. In this one Nbakki Hatena blog article, they mention that back in 2015, the height average with the highest probability for a 15 year old girl is at 158 cm. Therefore, it is reasonable for us to believe that Mitsumi Iwakura has a height which is pretty close to that number.  

Now that we have Mitsumi Iwakura’s height, we can now proceed and try to scale other characters next to her, allowing us to calculate or to create an estimated height for them based on their visual scale difference towards Mitsumi Iwakura. This will be done with the help of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool.  

Before we are able to proceed, we first have to find official frames (images) from the show which contains Mitsumi Iwakura standing in the same (or relatively close) frame towards the other characters.  

Our research led us to two images, the first one is from Crunchyroll

And the second image is from But Why Tho?

In this scenario, we can see that the second image (the one from But Why Tho?) features Iwakura sitting on a chair, therefore we will not use that image in calculating her relative scale difference towards other characters as it may present way too much errors due to the lack of visual linearity.  

We will proceed and use the first image taken from Crunchyroll, the image which features both Mitsumi Iwakura and Sosuke Shima. Sosuke Shima is another main character from the show. Judging from the height difference between Iwakura and Shima, we can see that the maximum height of Iwakura is in line with Shima’s chin height. If we put this visual input into perspective using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we will come up with the value 178 cm. Therefore, Sosuke Shima, is probably somewhere around that height, giving him a tall disposition compared to the average Japanese male height which is around 170.8 cm.  

Now that we have Shima’s estimated height, we can now proceed and use him as a main frame of reference in calculating the heights of the characters which are present in the second image (the one from But Why Tho?).  

Mika Egashira appears to have a maximum height which is in line with Shima’s lower nose height. This gives her an estimated height range of around 160 cm.  

Yuzuke Murashige appears to have a maximum height that is in the same line as Sosoku Shima’s mid nose height, therefore this gives her an estimated height of around 162 cm.  


But Why Tho?

Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool


Nbakki Hatena

Skip-and-Loafer Fandom


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