How Tall Are The Characters In Kizuna No Allele?

Character NameHeight
Miracle~153 cm
Riz~160 cm
Quan~156 cm

Analysis: The height data listed in this article is not the official height data for any of the characters listed. The heights listed in this article are estimates of the characters heights. We have based these height values on our observations and research. The heights of the characters were estimated by observing their scale difference when scaled next to Kizuna Ai. For those who are unaware, Kizuna Ai is a Japanese virtual Youtuber (Vtuber), you can read more about here on her Wikipedia page. On Kizuna Ai’s Wikipedia Page, it was mentioned that she is a 16 year old girl with a height of 156 cm (5’1). This height will be used as a frame of reference in calculating the heights of other characters in the anime “Kizuna no Allele”.

The image above was taken from one Anime Season Release article. In the image, we can see 4 girls stand side by side one another. The first character starting from the left is Kizuna Ai, she has a height of 156 centimetres. The second character is one of the main characters in the anime, her name is Riz. The third one is Miracle, she is also another main character in the anime. The last girl is Quan, again, she is also another main character in the series. The image above will be used as a frame for our visual observation and comparisons between the characters heights. By scaling Riz, Miracle, and Quan next to Kizuna Ai, we can create an estimated height for them. This will be done with the help of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool. First one would be Riz. In the image above; we can see that she is slightly shorter compared to Kizuna Ai. She appears to have a total height which is in level with Kizuna Ai’s upper forehead head, therefore she is probably somewhere around the height of 153 cm. Second is Miracle, she is the girl with the sort of light orange hair color, she is also the tallest girl in the group as can be seen on the image. When we put her estimated height input on Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool based on the visual scale difference between her and Kizuna Ai, it gives us a value of around 160 cm, therefore, Miracle is pretty likely to be somewhere around that height (Kizuna Ai’s total height is in the same height line as Miracle’s forehead height. The last girl we have on this list is Quan, she appears to be apparently the same height as Kizuna Ai, and therefore we give her an estimated height value of 156 cm. References:Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison ToolAnime Season ReleaseKizuna Ai’s Wikipedia Page 


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