How Tall Are The Characters In Ayakashi Triangle?

Character NameHeight
Matsuri Kazamaki~151 cm
Suzu Kanade~145 cm


The heights of the characters listed in this article are not the official heights of the characters; it is instead an estimate of the character’s heights derived from our research and observations.

The official heights of the characters are still currently unknown. The author/publisher of the anime/source material still hasn’t revealed to us the exact height values for the characters, and so therefore in order to create height data for the characters, we had to do our own visual observations of the characters in the anime.

The heights listed in this article were created by using the first episode of the anime as our main frame of reference. Suzu Kanade, the main heroine in the show, can be seen somewhere around [0:25] timeframe in the first episode where she stands right outside a bakery (sort of) reception/takeout window. This frame is important since Suzu Kanade’s height will be used as a frame of reference in calculating the heights of other characters, and this frame will tell us Suzu Kanade’s estimated height value.

In the frame, we can see that the maximum height of the drive-thru window counter height is in the same height line as Kanade’s belly button height. This gives us a rough scale perspective for Kanade, however, before we can actually put in any measurement values, we first need to figure out exactly how tall is the desk height so we’ll be able to estimate Kanade’s height. In this situation, we will use information taken from one QuikServ blog article.

According to the article from QuikServ, the elevation height of drive-thru window is typically 32”- 36” on the exterior of the building. If the drive-thru encounters a lot of high sitting vehicles and trucks the elevation may be a bit higher whereas a restaurant that received a variety of high sitting cars and low sitting cars will on average be 34”H from the ground (at which the car is sitting) to the bottom of the window service opening.

Now that we have the scale height for drive-thrus (around 32 inches to 36 inches), we can then now proceed and create an estimated height for Kanade based on these values. For our calculation, we will be using the average/midpoint of the values between 32 and 36 inches, giving us a value of 34 inches or 86.36 cm.

By using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we can create a visual scale observation between a female whose belly button height is in lined with a desk/window drive thru’s total height. After putting in some inputs of the Height Chart Tool, we figured out that Suzu Kanade should be somewhere around the height of 145 cm. We can consider this estimate as a reliable height estimate considering that in the show, Kanade appears to be short, which is not surprising since she is a 15 year old highschooler, as described by her Ayakashi Triangle Fandom Character Page for Suzu Kanade.

Now that we know that Suzu Kanade has a height somewhere around 145 cm, we can then now proceed and try to calculate other characters’ heights by scaling them next to Suzu Kanade.

As for the main hero/protagonist of the show, Matsuri Kazamaki, his height frame reference can be observed somewhere around the timeframe [20:06] in the first episode of the anime. In the frame, we can see him and Suzu Kanade stand together.

The frame gives us an idea that Matsuri Kazamaki is inches taller compared to Suzu Kanade. By using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we can create a visual observation of the difference between their heights. In the frame, we can see that Suzu Kanade’s total height is in the same height line as Matsuri Kazamaki’s forehead height, therefore it is very likely that Kazamaki would have a total height of around 151 cm. We consider this height estimate for Kazamaki to be relatively accurate considering that he is still a teenager (15 years old), as described on his character page on Ayakashi Triangle Fandom.

Throughout our observations of the first episode of the show, it has become apparent that the female genderbent form of Kazamaki is of the same height level as the male form Kazamaki.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Ayakashi Triangle Fandom Character Page for Suzu Kanade


Ayakashi Triangle Fandom


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