How Tall Are The Characters In Spy Classroom?

Character NameHeight
Klaus~186 cm
Flower Garden~152.4 cm
Glint~151 cm
Forgetter~125 cm
Pandemonium~156 cm
Daughter Dearest~163 cm
Dreamspeaker~161 cm
Meadow~143 cm


Note that all information listed in this article are estimates, not official heights. The official heights of the characters are still apparently undisclosed.

The heights of the characters were estimated by observing their scale difference compared to one character named Flower Garden. Flower Garden, in the anime trailer, is shown to have a height of around 5 feet (60 cm). This can be observed at time frame [0:25] in the trailer video on Youtube [Spy Classroom – Official Trailer [English Subtitles] | Spy Room PV].

Another frame of reference used was this image taken from Anime Hunch. In the image we can see the characters stand in the same line together.

The frame above gives us observation visuals of the height difference between the characters when compared to Flower Garden. With the help of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we should be able to create both visuals and values for the heights of the characters, making us able to make a concluded height estimate for each of the characters.

Take note that we will not be conducting any adjustments for the estimated heights of the characters, regardless of whether they are wearing tall footwear or not, the estimated height will be solely based on their scale in the frame and no adjustments will be made.

First off would be Klaus, the main character in the anime. He is mentioned to be pretty tall in the Spy Classroom Fandom. This is proven true considering that when he is scaled next to Flower Garden, Flower Garden’s total height only levels that of Klaus’ shoulder height. This leads us to the conclusion that Klaus is probably somewhere around the height of 186 cm. Note that this estimate is solely based on what we have seen on the trailer and on the visuals, this estimate will disregard the light novel image of Klaus in his character page on the fandom which highly indicates that he is actually a whole lot taller than 186 cm (probably around 199cm).

Second character on our list would be Glint, she appears to just a few centimetres shorter compared to Flower Garden. This leads us to the conclusion that she is around the height range of 151 cm.

The third character is Forgetter. When scaled next to Flower Garden, she appears to take up a total height that is in level with Flower Garden’s shoulder height, therefore giving her an estimated height of around 125 cm.

The fourth character would be Pandemonium. She is apparently a few centimetres taller than Flower Garden, with Flower Garden’s total height leveling her upper forehead height. This gives us an idea that Pandemonium is around the height of 156 cm.

The fifth character on our list is Daughter Dearest. She is shown to be significantly taller than Flower Garden and is also the tallest girl in the group. Flower Garden’s total height is in the same line as Daughter Dearest’s eyebrow height. This gives us an idea that Daughter Dearest’s height may be around 163 cm.

The sixth character on the list is Dreamspeaker. Dreamspeaker appears to be the second tallest girl of the bunch, with her being only a few centimetres shorter than Daughter Dearest. Dreamspeaker should be around the height of 161 cm.

The seventh and last character on our list is Meadow. She is the second shortest girl in the group. Her maximum height is in the same line as Flower Garden’s eyebrows, giving her an estimated height range of around 143 cm.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Anime Hunch

Youtube [Spy Classroom – Official Trailer [English Subtitles] | Spy Room PV]


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