How Tall Are The Characters In Aru Asa Dummy Head Mic Ni Natteita Ore-Kun No Jinsei?

Character NameHeight
Yuri Asukasa~165 cm
Tsurugi Kanegafuchi~163 cm


This data presents the estimated heights of the characters in the anime. The data presented in this article is not the official height data for the characters. The official height data are still unreleased and so we came up with this estimate for us to have an idea of how tall the characters are.

First of all, the heights of the characters in this article were estimated by observing their scale difference compared to Yuri Asukasa. Yuri Asukasa’s height on the other hand, was also first estimated by observing her scale difference when compared to a dining/meeting table.

In the sixth episode of the anime, we can see that at time frame [0:51], Yuri Asukasa is talking with Tsurugi Kanegafuchi, and as she conversates with her, she can be seen standing right beside a wooden classroom meeting table. This can be seen in this Youtube Video My Life After Waking Up as a Dummy Head Microphone – Episode 06 VOSTFR.

The frame shows us that the maximum height of the table is in line with Yuri Asukasa’s thigh height, this observation will be used to estimate Yuri’s height.

Now that we know that the maximum height of the table is relative to Yuri’s thigh height, if we can find out how tall the table is, then we will able to find the height range for Yuri with the help of Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Tool.

After some careful research, we stumbled upon this one blog article from Furniture Rental Tokyo. In the article, it was stated that dining tables in Japan will typically measure around 68 cm to 70 cm in height.  Another article from Love For Travelling specifically mentioned that in Japan, table heights are often around 68.58 cm or 27 inches in height. This gives us an idea that it could be very likely that the same wooden classroom meeting table shown in the frame is also about the same height as what was mentioned in those articles. Therefore, in this estimate, we will use the value 69 cm as basis for our scaling observations.

After putting in some input on Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Tool, we figured out that a woman whose thigh height is around 69 cm should have an estimated total height range of around 165 cm.

Now that we have Yuri Asukasa’s height, we can then proceed and estimate Tsurugi Kanegafuchi’s height. By observing the height and scale difference between the two in the ending outro of the anime, we can see that Yuri Asukasa is just 1 or 2 centimetres taller than Tsurugi Kanegafuchi. This gives Tsurugi Kanegafuchi an estimated height of around 163 cm.


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Youtube Video My Life After Waking Up as a Dummy Head Microphone – Episode 06 VOSTFR


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