How Tall is Gruncle Donald from Moonshine Inc.?

Character NameHeight
Gruncle Donald~177 cm


The height of Gruncle Donald listed in this article is his estimated height which is based on our calculations and observations; it is by no means his official height. The official height of Gruncle Donald is currently unknown as the developers are yet to publish his height information.

Gruncle Donald’s height was estimated by observing the scale difference between him and a dining table in a photo from GOG.

According to Mor Furniture, a dining room table will typically measure a height of around 28 to 32 inches. For this estimate, we will use the midrange which is 30 inches.

If we observe Gruncle Donald in the picture, we can see that the maximum height of the table is in the same height level as Gruncle Donald’s thigh height. By using Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Tool, we are able to observe and visualize the height value difference between the table and Gruncle Donald’s total height.

Since the table is approximately around 30 inches (76.2cm) and it levels with Gruncle Donald’s thigh height, this should give Gruncle an estimated height range of around 177cm.


Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Tool

Mor Furniture


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