How Tall is Sarah from Redemption Reapers?

Character NameHeight
Sarah~170 cm


Sarah’s official height is currently unknown as the developers are yet to disclose her exact given height.

This article will present Sarah’s estimated height derived from our research and observations.

Due to the limited perspective available in the game, this height estimate needs to be considered as a rough height scale estimate for the characteeer.

Sarah’s height was observed through multiple frames in several videos including Redemption Reapers – Official Cinematic Trailer [4:19], Redemption Reapers Sarah vs a Mort army, Redemption Reapers – Official Reveal Trailer. Sarah’s height appears to be a bit taller compared to most girls, she appears to be slightly smaller compared to most of the male characters and male morts (regular ones) in the game. Therefore, it might be pretty likely that she falls around the height somewhere between 167cm – 173cm.

This is all based on the global height average for men and women by Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas in one of his article.

Aside from the global average, when we observe Sarah in several frames from gameplays, some of the most prominent world object we can see are fences. When we roughly observe Sarah and the fences, she appears to be level about slightly smaller compared to the tall one and taller when compared to the medium height fences. We assumed that the tall fences shown in the game reaches about 6 feet in height and the medium balcony like fence/railings falls under 83.82cm as mentioned on OSHA. This further proves our visualization of Sarah having a height of around 170cm.

Take note that since we have no proper/accurate basings for medieval fences, the height data presented in this article may contain several some inaccuracies. And also due to the limited frames of reference shown in the game, this estimate will need to be considered as a rough scaling estimate for the character.

Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Tool was used in visualizing some of the characters’ height differences.



Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas

Redemption Reapers – Official Reveal Trailer

Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Tool


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