How Tall is Renee from Afterimage?

Character NameHeight
Renee~152.25 cm


Due to the game’s fictional nature, we will need to consider this height estimate as a rough height scale estimate for the character.

Renee’s actual height is currently unknown as the publishers/developers of the game are yet to release any official height for Renee.

Renee’s estimated height was calculated by observing the scale difference between her and an old wooden house door in this Afterimage | Full Game Part 1 Gameplay Walkthrough | No Commentary Youtube Video. Since the house is themed in a mythical/medieval genre, there is no accurate data we can use as a reference to the actual height of the door in the frame. Therefore in order to proceed, we will need to create an assumption for the height of the door.

We assume that the height of the door in the frame is similar to that of the standard height which is 80 inches or 203 centimetres, as mentioned on one Bob Vila article.

By observing Renee in the frame along with the door, we can see that Renee’s boots is slightly clipping just below the footbase of the door, and so therefore we will need to make a little adjustments towards her observable scale height.

By pushing Renee a bit forward, matching the tip of her boots to the base of the door, we can see that Renee takes up around 75% of the door’s maximum height.

Since we have a door that is 203 cm in height, Renee then should be around the height of 152.25 cm since she appears to take up 75% of 203 cm.

The scale difference was observed and visualized with the help of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Bob Vila

Afterimage | Full Game Part 1 Gameplay Walkthrough | No Commentary Youtube Video.


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