How Tall is Gaia from After Us?

Character NameHeight
Gaia~54 cm


The height data presented in this article is not the official height data for Gaia. Gaia’s official height is currently unknown. This article presents Gaia’s or Gaia’s avatar’s estimated height derived from our research and observations.

Take note that in this article, when we say Gaia, we are referring to the female faerie avatar which is the playable character in the game, as Gaia may also mean the Spirit of Life.

Gaia’s height was estimated by observing the height scale difference between her and several ruined sedan like cars in the game.

In multiple frames from TheRadBrad’s Youtube Video Gameplay of After Us, we can see Gaia stand in frame with several ruined cars. If we observe her height and stature, she appears to be pretty small.

We have done a rough scaling observation of her height relative to a sedan car’s door dimensions. It appears that Gaia is only about half the size of the car’s door.

ResearchGate has one image discussing a sedan car door’s height. They mention that the height of the door is roughly around 1080 mm or around 108 centimetres.

In this case, since Gaia appears to be have the size of a door which is 108 cm in height, then she should be somewhere around the height of 54 cm, giving her about the same size of a baby.

Gaia’s height was visualized and observed by the help of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool.


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