How Tall is Reid from XEL?

Character NameHeight
Reid~155 cm
Desmond~178 cm


The data presented in this article is not the official height data for Reid, it is instead an estimate height for the character. Our conclusion is derived from our research and observations.

Reid’s height was estimated by observing the scale difference between her and Desmond, an NPC in the game.

Due to several limitations, we will first need to calculate Desmond’s height because the only source material we have for estimating Reid’s height relies on Desmond’s estimated height, this is also because we were only able to find one reliable object as a frame of reference in estimating Desmond’s height, and that is a wooden table.

In the Xel – Official Console Launch Trailer, we can see one frame in the video where Desmond is standing beside a wooden table. This can be seen in the time frame [0:26] in the video. The table appears to have a total maximum height in level with Desmond’s upper thigh height.

According to MorFurniture, a dining table will typically fall into the height range of around 28 – 32 inches. For this estimate, we will use the midrange (30 inches) in calculating Desmond’s height.

By using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we create a visual observation of a 30 inches or 76.2 centimetres table (height). Since Desmond’s lower hip / upper thigh levels with that same height, then he should be somewhere around the height of 178 centimetres.

Now that we have Desmond’s estimated height, we will then proceed and try to get Reid’s estimated height. For our frame of reference, we will use this one frame at timeframe [0:24] in the Xel – Official Console Launch Trailer where we can see Desmond and Reid stand side by side one another.

In the frame we can see that Reid’s maximum height is in level with Desmond’s neck height. By using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we create a visualization between the differences of both Desmond and Reid’s height.

Since Reid’s height is in level with the neck height of a man who is around 178 centimetres tall, then it should be fair to assume that Reid would have an estimated height range of around 155 centimetres.

Please note that these values are estimated height data only for the characters and are by no means the official height data. The height data of the characters in the game are still currently unknown as the developers are yet to disclose information regarding the characters’ heights.

Assuming that the developers may reveal the true heights of either Desmond or Reid, then this article may prove useful in determining the other’s estimated height.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Xel – Official Console Launch Trailer



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