How Tall is Tendo Akira from Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead?

Character NameHeight
Tendo Akira~174cm


The height data listed in this article is not the official height of the character, it is instead an estimate we have made based on our research and observations.

Tendo Akira’s height was estimate by observing his scale difference compared to an apartment hallway railing and his Japanese co-workers.

The frames used in this observation can be found in this Youtube Video Official Trailer #2 | PREMIERES JULY 9 | Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead | VIZ.

Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool was also utilized to visualize the scale difference for the character.

In the Second Anime Trailer, we can see at time frame [0:06] as Tendo Akira introduces himself towards a company of people (his co-workers and managers), we can see that Akira falls relatively close to towards the Japanese male average height. This gives us an idea that he should be somewhere around 170cm since the Japanese average male height is somewhere around that number.

In another frame from the trailer, at the timeframe [0:54], we can see Tendo Akira running in an apartment hallway while he is being chased by some zombies. The camera gives us a sideview perspective showing that the height of the railing is relatively in line with Akira’s waist height. Railing heights may vary per building from 36 up to 48 inches, with 42 being the general standard height. In this scenario, we would use the 42 inches (106.68cm) as the assumed height for the railing in the frame since anything further beyond or below this value will deviate us from calculating his height with respect to the Japanese male average height. After putting in the input at Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool, we come to the conclusion that Tendo Akira is somewhere around the height of 174cm.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Youtube Video Official Trailer #2 | PREMIERES JULY 9 | Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead | VIZ


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