The Last Hero of Nostalgaia: How Tall is the Hero?

Character NameHeight
The Last Hero (stickman)~170cm


The data listed in this article is not the official height of the character in the game. There is no official height for the hero. Due to the game’s satirical nature, we do not expect you to take this data seriously but nonetheless we will provide you with a near accurate estimate for the character based on our observations and research.

The Stickman (Hero)’s height was estimated by observing the scale difference between him and a reception desk counter. This can be seen in this Youtube Video The Last Hero of Nostalgaia – 15 Minutes of Gameplay, at the time frame [1:52].

In the frame, we can see that the abdominal height of the stickman measures at around the maximum height of the reception desk. Assuming that the reception desk is around 36 inches (~91cm) in height, the Hero should have an estimated total height of around 170cm. The counter height (36 inches) was concluded based on our assumption that the counter in the game (like many other counters), share a similar height range towards kitchen sink counters and that 36 inches is also the midrange for reception desks according to this BooFurniture Blog.


Youtube Video The Last Hero of Nostalgaia – 15 Minutes of Gameplay

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