How Tall is The Archer from The Pathless?

Character NameHeight
The Archer (Main Protagonist)~146cm


There is yet to be any official height data for the playable girl character in the game. This article will show an estimated height data for the Archer character in the game. The estimate was done through our research and observations.

The height of the Archer in the game was calculated by observing the scale difference between her and her bow. In this Youtube Video The Pathless – Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5, we can see a short gameplay showcase of the game. In the time frame [2:29] we can see the full body view of the Archer, and in the frame, we can see that her total height is equals to around 80% the height of the bow.

Assuming that she wields a longbow, she should be around the height of 146 centimetres since longbows typically have a total length of around 183 centimetres or 6 feet. This estimate was further visualized using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool.


Youtube Video The Pathless – Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5

Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool


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