How Tall is Lana from Planet of Lana?

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There is no official height data for Lana yet in the game. The height data listed in this article is an estimate of her height concluded after our research and observations. In this article, Lana’s height was estimated by observing the scale difference between the railings of a wooden bridge and her total height.

By observing Lana in this Youtube Video [THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE.. | Planet of Lana – Part 1] from Hollow, we can see that at the time frame [1:11:11], Lana crosses a wooden bridge and she is in frame along with an end pillar for the railings of the bridge.

Assuming that the wooden end pillar stands at 42 inches which is the nominal recommended railing height for high risk bridges according to USDA, Lana should be around the height of 135 centimetres since the top of the pillar is in lined with her shoulder height. Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool was used to observe the visual scale difference between Lana and the pillar.



Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Youtube Video [THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE.. | Planet of Lana – Part 1] from Hollow


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