Red Dead Redemption 2 Saloon Foods in Real Life

#1 Beef Stew

The real life beef stew is inspired by Kent Roller’s Cowbow Style Beef Stew or “Chuckwagon Trail Stew” as he calls it.

#2 Lamb’s Fry and Bacon

The real life Lamb’s Fry and Bacon was taken from Frugal and Thriving. In her recipe video on Youtube, the food featured Lamb’s Fry and Bacon with an added gravy and onions, making the recipe more blended and tasteful. According to Frugal and Thriving, the Lamb’s Fry and Bacon is a “retro” and a “classic” which is easy to make, inexpensive, nutritious and also tasty.

#3 Oatmeal

This real life oatmeal, according to the Youtube video made by Humble Guy, takes about 15 minutes to finish and can be kept in a refrigerator for about a week.

#4 Lamb’s Heart

A major difference between the real life Lamb’s Heart and the ingame one is that in the game, the recipe features added croutons and peas as side dish. The closest recipe we can find is the lamb heart recipe made by Scott Rea on Youtube. His recipe features the lambs heart stuffed with sausage, herb and breadcrumbs. It is then served along with some mashed potatoes.

#5 Prime Rib

The real life counterpart of the ingame prime rib was taken from one of Tasty’s recipe videos on Youtube. A major difference is present when it comes to the ingame side dish and the real life side dish of her recipe, nonetheless, it is still basically the same main dish both ingame and in the real life recipe. The prime rib is a perfect recipe for holidays and Christmas season.


Prime Rib Youtube Tasty

Lamb’s Heart  Youtube Scott Rea

Oatmeal Youtube Humble Guy

Lamb’s Fry and Bacon Youtube Frugal and Thriving

Beef Stew Youtube Cowboy Kent Rollins


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