7 Skyrim Foods in Real Life

#1 Sweet Rolls

Sweet Rolls are one of the most well-known delicacy in all of Skyrim. Now if you ever wanted a taste of the real life sweet roll, you only have to follow this Sweet Roll Recipe made by Babish Culinary Universe.

#2 Apple Cabbage Stew

This real life Apple Cabbage Stew is made based on the Elder Scrolls Cookbook. A recipe and cooking guide for this stew was made by Fantasy Kitchen on Youtube.

#3 Vegetables Soup

The real life counterpart of the vegetables soup in Skyrim is listed in the Elder Scrolls Cookbook. In the game, the soup is mainly comprised of only 4 ingredients namely cabbage, potato, leek, and tomato. The real life Vegetables Soup contains a bit more than just 4 ingredients. Fantasy Kitchen made a video dedicated to showcase the Vegetable Soup Recipe in the Cookbook.

#4 Honey Nut Treat

Honey Nut Treat, in the Elder Scrolls Universe, is one of the most common food delicacy not only in Skyrim but in all of Tamriel. The recipe for the real life Honey Nut Treat can be found in the Elder Scrolls Cookbook and is showcased in one Youtube Video made by Fantasy Kitchen.

#5 Boiled Creme Treat

The Boiled Creme Treat is a sweet dessert similar to that of Sweet Rolls and Honey Nut Treat. They are well known not only in Skyrim but also in other provinces all across Tamriel. The Boiled Creme Treat has a real life recipe which you can make. The recipe can be found on the Elder Scrolls Cookbook and is showcased in a Youtube Video made by Fantasy Kitchen.

#6 Horker Loaf

This real life Horker Loaf Recipe was made possible by using Smoked Oysters as substitute to the Horker Meat. The recipe for this food is listed on the Elder Scrolls Cookbook and Fantasy Kitchen made a video showcasing the actual recipe.

#7 Venison Stew

The Venison Stew in the game is pretty similar to the real life Venison Stew. In the game, the stew is made using only 4 ingredients making it pretty minimalistic in nature. The real life Venison Stew is showcased by Miss Allie’s Kitchen and the stew is called “Classic Venison Stew”.


Fantasy Kitchen

Miss Allie’s Kitchen


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