How Tall is Akito Yamada from Loving Yamada at Lv999?

Character NameHeight
Akito Yamada~177cm


The height data listed in this article is not the official height for the character. Akito Yamada’s exact official height is currently unknown. The data in article was derived through our observations and research.

Akito Yamada is considered to be lean and tall, this is according to his character profile page on Loving Yamada at Lv999 Fandom. Our assumed and speculated height for Yamada is around 177cm.

Yamada’s height was estimated based on two references. First one is that it was mentioned by the fandom that his physical appearance is “lean and tall”, and so therefore he must be taller than the average Japanese male height which is around 170cm.

Our second reference is that we observed the scale difference between Yamada and the female protagonist in the anime (Akane Kinoshita). It was mentioned by the fandom that Akane Kinoshita has an average height, and so therefore she should be around 160cm tall.

By using one frame from the Anime Trailer, at the time frame [0:59] we can see both Akane Kinoshita and Akito Yamada stand in the same sidewalk. In the frame we can see that Akane’s height measures the same as the eye height of Yamada, this is in consideration with her having added height due to her wearing heels.

Assuming that her heels had added 5cm to her total height, she would have had an estimated height of around 165cm in the frame. If Akane Kinoshita has an estimated height of around 165cm and her top head height levels with the eye height of Yamada, then that should give us an idea that Yamada’s total height is around 177cm. This observation was further visualized using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool and we found it to be a very probable conclusion.



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