How Tall is Jesse Rentier from Evil West?

Character NameHeight
Jesse Rentier~170cm


There is yet to be any official height data for Jesse Rentier in the game. We have made an estimated height data for him in this article by observing his height scale difference compared to other character in the game.

By using this Youtube Gameplay Video (EVIL WEST All Cutscenes (Full Game Movie) 4K Ultra HD) as our main source for reference, we were able to take out some visual observations for Jesse Rentier, allowing us to create an estimate for his height.

In the cutscenes and in the gameplay, it appears that Jesse Rentier have about the same height as every other male in the game. This gives us an idea that his height is likely to fall under the average height for the people in his era.

The game “Evil West” is modelled upon the American “Old West”. Therefore, it could be very likely that the people or characters in the game follow the standard average height relative to the real world people who lived during the era of the Old West. The Old West time range wasn’t included in the game’s lore, so in this case, we will be basing it on the actual full time range given by the real world Old West which ran from 1865 until 1900 according to Library of Congress.

Assuming that most of male characters in the game were referenced or based on cowboys, and since also Jesse resembles so much of the “cowboy figure”, we should assume that Jesse’s character was made as a sort of model to the cowboy Old West figure.

Further research led us to this Quora Discussion. The discussion involves someone giving out a statement saying that statistically speaking, cowboys of European descent measured somewhere around the height of 167.64cm to 170.18cm, therefore, it might be very likely that since Jesse falls almost as tall as most of the other NPCs in the game, he then should also be around that same height range.


Youtube Gameplay Video (EVIL WEST All Cutscenes (Full Game Movie) 4K Ultra HD)

Library of Congress

Quora Discussion


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