Mulligan Characters’ Heights Estimations

Name of the CharactersHeights
Dr. Farrah Braun~ 5 ft & 8 in
Simon Prioleau~ 5 ft & 5 in
Matty Mulligan~ 6 ft & 1 in
Axatrax~ 7 ft & 2 in
Senator Cartwright LaMarr~ 6 ft & 3 in
General Scarpaccio~ 6 ft & 2 in
Lucy Suwan~ 5 ft & 6 in
King Jeremy~ 6 ft & 6 in
Johnny Zhao~ 5 ft & 10 in
Weird Al~ 6 ft & 3 in
Magneto~ 6 ft & 2 in
Questlove~ 6 ft & 3 in


In the Mulligan TV series, the heights of characters play a symbolic role in representing their personalities, roles, and the dynamics they bring to the narrative. The heights of characters such as Dr. Farrah Braun, Simon Prioleau, Matty Mulligan, Axatrax, Senator Cartwright LaMarr, General Scarpaccio, Lucy Suwan, King Jeremy, Johnny Zhao, Weirl Al, and Magneto contribute to the visual storytelling and provide insight into their character traits. In this article, we will analyze the symbolic significance of the heights of these characters within the Mulligan universe.

Below is the list of the explanation of the heights of the characters. It is composed of the eleven most featured characters in the TV series.

1. Dr. Farrah Braun:

Dr. Farrah Braun, a brilliant scientist, has an approximate average height of five feet and eight inches since we compared her height to most height of women as shown on IMDb trailer. Her stature represents a balance between intellect and approachability. Dr. Braun exudes professionalism and expertise with her average height while maintaining relatability. Her height reflects her grounded nature, making her accessible and relatable to both her colleagues and the audience. It signifies her ability to bridge the gap between complex scientific concepts and human experience.

2. Simon Prioleau:

Simon Prioleau has a shorter height of five feet and five inches as shown on the video on IMDb. His stature reflects his youthful energy, innocence, and light-hearted nature. Despite his smaller height, Matty’s character shines through his unwavering support and loyalty. His height serves as a reminder that physical stature does not limit the impact one can have on the narrative. Matty’s smaller stature also contrasts with the taller characters, emphasizing his role as a relatable and endearing figure.

3. Matty Mulligan:

Matty Mulligan, the cunning antagonist, stands tall at six feet and 1 inch, approximately. His appearance can be seen in IMDb trailer. His towering height symbolizes his dominance, power, and imposing presence. Simon’s height accentuates his ability to manipulate and intimidate others, reflecting his desire for control. As a formidable adversary, his stature serves as a physical manifestation of his ambition and authority, highlighting his capacity to tower over those who oppose him. Moreover, he is the

4. Axatrax:

Axatrax, an otherworldly creature, possesses a towering height of seven feet and two inches estimated and as shown on Youtube video clip. His exceptional stature represents his role as a mystical and ancient being. Axatrax’s height symbolizes his wisdom, power, and connection to the spiritual realm. It emphasizes his authority and serves as a visual reminder of his guidance and mentorship to the protagonist. His towering presence adds an element of awe and wonders to the Mulligan universe.

5. Senator Cartwright LaMarr:

Senator Cartwright LaMarr, a charismatic political figure, stands tall at six feet and three inches and it can be seen on the IMDb trailer. His height signifies his commanding presence, influence, and authority within the political landscape. As a towering figure, the senator represents the power dynamics within the political elite. His height accentuates his ability to dominate and sway public opinion, exerting control over the narrative. It reflects his position of privilege and his ability to stand out in a crowd.

6. General Scarpaccio:

General Scarpaccio, the military authority, has an imposing height of six feet and two inches. His tall stature embodies his commanding and disciplined nature. General Scarpaccio’s height symbolizes his position of power and respect within the military hierarchy. It reflects his ability to lead and enforce discipline, instilling a sense of awe and reverence among his subordinates. His height serves as a visual representation of his military prowess and reinforces his authoritative presence.

7. Lucy Suwan:

Lucy Suwan, President Mulligan’s girlfriend character, stands at five feet and six inches as seen on the Youtube trailer. Her average height represents her versatility and adaptability. Lucy’s stature reflects her ability to navigate the digital world and leverage her technological skills to assist the protagonists. Despite her smaller height, Lucy’s intelligence and resourcefulness make her an asset to the squad.

8. King Jeremy:

King Jeremy, a regal and authoritative figure, stands tall at six feet and six inches approximately. His towering height represents his commanding presence and power. As a ruler, King Jeremy symbolizes leadership, sovereignty, and responsibility. His height emphasizes his ability to oversee his realm and make decisions that impact the Mulligan universe. The significant difference in height between King Jeremy and other characters highlights his position of authority and the reverence with which he is regarded.

9. Johnny Zhao:

Johnny Zhao, with an estimated height of five feet and ten inches, exudes a sense of confidence, agility, and adaptability. His average height signifies his resourcefulness and ability to navigate through challenging situations. Johnny’s stature reflects his swift and agile movements, which enable him to excel in physical feats and combat. Despite not being the tallest character, his presence commands attention due to his expertise and martial prowess.

10. Weird Al:

Weird Al, a mysterious and enigmatic character, stands at six feet and three inches approximately and the estimation of his height was based on his appearance on IMDb trailer. His above-average height accentuates his imposing nature and otherworldly aura. Weird Al’s tall stature alludes to his connection to the mystical and magical aspects of the Mulligan universe. As a guardian of ancient knowledge and secrets, his height embodies his wisdom, power, and role as a guide for the protagonists. The visual impact of his height adds an element of awe and intrigue to his character.

11. Magneto:

Magneto, a formidable and complex character, is six feet and two inches tall approximately and we estimated his height using the appearance on the first episode on Netflix. His above-average height mirrors his strength, determination, and unwavering convictions. As a mutant with control over magnetic fields, Magneto’s height represents his imposing presence and the force he wields. His tall stature enhances the perception of his power and the physicality of his abilities, establishing him as a formidable opponent within the Mulligan universe.

12. Questlove

Questlove’s approximate height of six feet and three inches adds to his stage presence and contributes to his overall image as a musician. It plays a part in his ability to captivate audiences and contribute to his performances’ visual and auditory experience. Questlove’s height is notable as it adds to his charismatic stage presence and commanding presence as a musician. Standing at an above-average height, Questlove’s stature allows him to stand out among his bandmates and captivate audiences with his energetic performances. His height also enhances his ability to hold a strong presence on stage and contributes to the visual aesthetic of his musical performances.

The heights of the Mulligan characters – Dr. Farrah Braun, Simon Prioleau, Matty Mulligan, Axatrax, Senator Cartwright LaMarr, General Scarpaccio, Lucy Suwan, King Jeremy, Johnny Zhao, Weird Al, and Magneto – contribute significantly to the symbolic representation and depth of their respective roles within the Mulligan TV series.

The characters’ heights provide insights into their personalities and positions within the narrative. The average height of Dr. Farrah Braun and Lucy Suwan reflects their relatability, intellect, and resourcefulness, making them accessible figures to the audience. Simon Prioleau‘s shorter height signifies his innocence and unwavering loyalty.

Tall characters like Matty Mulligan, King Jeremy, Questlove and General Scarpaccio embody power, authority, and dominance. Their towering statures symbolize their ability to command attention, manipulate others, and influence the storyline. The height of Axatrax, an otherworldly creature, represents his mystical and ancient nature, emphasizing his wisdom and guidance.

The heights of Senator Cartwright LaMarr and Magneto serve as visual cues to their positions of power and influence. Their tall statures signify their commanding presence within the political and mutant realms, respectively. Johnny Zhao’s average height showcases his confidence, agility, and adaptability, enhancing his role as a skilled and resourceful character.

Weird Al’s above-average height adds an element of awe and mystery, underscoring his role as a guardian of ancient knowledge and secrets.

In conclusion, the heights of the Mulligan characters in the TV series serve as powerful symbolic elements that enrich their roles, personalities, and relationships. Through these heights, the audience gains a deeper understanding of the characters’ dynamics and the narrative landscape within the Mulligan universe.


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