Christian Ronaldo’s Mansion Tour

Christian Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players of this generation. He is a top scorer in Football which makes him idolized by fans. Aside from being famous, he also owned real estate or a mansion, and one of those mansions is known as Turin Mansion. According to Insider, Ronaldo and his family are currently staying in the Mansion. So, let us take a tour of the inside of the mansion.


Image Sources: YouTube & Etsy

1. DALMATIAN DOG ORNAMENT was the first item introduced by Christian Ronaldo when he took a tour of his house based on this YouTube video. He said it was one of his favorite items in the place because his wife chose the ornament to be there and it was actually his gift.

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Image Sources: YouTube & iKea

2. BLACK SOFA can also be seen when Ronaldo was walking on his way around the house introducing important parts of the house that he liked the most. Like most of the sofas, it can be seen also in the living room of his mansion.

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Image Sources: YouTube & Amazon

3. BLACK LAMPSHADE is one of the items that we can find in Ronaldo’s Turin Mansion. In fact, when he was roaming around the house you can find two lampshades and they are in the bedroom and living room. It was good to look at since it gives a good ambiance around the place.

Moreover, similar items can be found on Amazon. The shape and color are almost the same as the lampshade you can find on the mansion.


Image Sources: YouTube & Way Fair

4. BLACK DINING CHAIRS are also one of the items in Ronaldo’s Turin Mansion. As you can see in the photo, he was sitting on the chair and talking about the place. It was their dining area where they gathered with their family to eat.

Additionally, we can also find similar items on Way Fair. The chairs look almost the same as the ones we can find in the house.


Image Sources: YouTube & Dick’s Sporting Good

5. BASKETBALL RING can be found also in the Turin Mansion. Although, it was not located inside the house, but it was in the backyard near the pool area and football field. It means that Ronaldo also has other hobbies or sports such as basketball aside from football. He is really an athlete.

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