Top 10 Most Expensive Collectible Mechanical Pencil you can buy on eBay

No.NamePricePurchase Link
1Pilot h-5005 mechanical pencil 0.5mm$10,000.00eBay.
2IJ Instruments PG5 Type Metal Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Gold Mint$589.00eBay.
3PILOT Hi-Mecha Holder mechanical pencil 0.3mm box and user’s manual$399.00eBay.
4PILOT Hi-Mecha Holder H2105 Mechanical pencil 0.5 mm$313.50eBay.
5PILOT Hi-Mecha Holder vintage silver Mechanical pencil, nock type, 0.3mm$285.00eBay.
6Uni Kuru Toga Dive Auto Lead 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil Moon Night Blue$169.99eBay.
7PILOT Mechanical Pencil Double Knock Type 0.5mm 13540  $149.00  eBay.
8Kuru Toga Dive 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil M5-5000 Moonnight Blue from JAPAN New  $149.00eBay.
9PILOT H-565 0.5mm Drafting Mechanical Pencil VERY RARE$125.00eBay.
10Rotring 600 Kinokuniya Mid Night & Ice Mint Blue Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Set$99.79eBay.


A mechanical pencil is a pencil with a replaceable and mechanical extended solid pigment core called a lead. It is used to provide lines of constant width, without the need for sharpening and it is best used for technical drawing and clean-looking writing. It was first used in the 18th century with many designs patented in the 19th and 20th centuries and was very useful and famous for students.

The 10 most expensive mechanical pencils listed above are collectibles from eBay and products originated from Japan. Some of the products are already used but do not change the product quality and value. In addition, eBay’s collectibles are the place to find collectibles for sale in just about any category. The value of the items may vary from historical value, material being used, and uniqueness of the product.



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