Top 10 Most Expensive One Piece Collectible Card Collections Sold in 2023

1PSA 10 Card Portgas D.ACE Comic Alt Art OP02-013 JPN Paramount War One Piece TCGEbayUS $2,876.28
2One Piece Card Game Shanks SEC [OP01-120] Alt Art English AP Grading 10 MangaEbayUS $2,459.28
3Card PSA 10 Shanks Manga Alt Art OP01-120 JPN Japan Romance Dawn One Piece TCGEbayUS $1,805.96
4ONEPIECE Card One Piece Nami Premium Collection Promo PSA10EbayUS $667.21
5Card PSA 10 Nami Alternate Art OP01-016 JPN Japan Romance Dawn One Piece TCGEbayUS $426.63
6PSA 10 One Piece CCG Zoro Parallel Art Premium Collection Japanese CardEbayUS $390.00
7Card PSA 10 Yamato Alternate Art OP01-121 JPN Japan Romance Dawn One Piece TCGEbayUS $373.17
8PSA10 One Piece Card Game Premium Card Collection 25th Edition Robin ST01-008EbayUS $361.00
9PSA 10 Boa Hancock Alternate Art Card OP01-078 JPN One Piece Romance Dawn TCG   Card PSA 10 Uta Alternate Art OP02-120 JPN Japan One Piece Paramount War TCGEbay       EbayUS $351.78       US $351.78  
10Card PSA 10 Nami Alternate Art OP02-036 SR JPN Japan Paramount War One Piece TCGEbayUS $319.71

One of the famous Japanese manga series is “One Piece”. It has many adaptations all over the world since it has an amazing plot. On the other hand, you might be one of the fans of it, so above is the list of the most expensive collectible cards that you can buy online, specifically on eBay.

The cards are already used but they are still in good condition. They have extra cases with them for protection against dirt and dust. These cards are also coming from Japan, making them original since “One Piece” is an anime series based in Japan.

Moreover, you can buy these cards with less shipping if you will order them from one seller only. The chances are possible since the sellers are collectors, and they might have the collectible cards that you wanted to collect.

Additionally, the feedback of the sellers is so high which has a rate of 90% and above satisfaction from their customers. With that, the authenticity and legitimacy of these cards are 100%. You can be sure that the sellers sold only original items from the stores, avoiding scammers who sold online.




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