Top 10 Most Expensive Historical Coins You Can Buy on eBay 2023

NoNamePricePurchase Link
1Coin, France, Union et Force, 5 Francs, An 10, Paris, NGC, PF62 CAMEO~$546,000eBay
2Coin, France, Louis XV, Ecu, 1740, Paris, NGC, PF62, MS(60-62), Gold~$442,000eBay
32020 Great Britain 007 James Bond 1000Pounds 1Kilo Gold Proof Coin NGC PF 70 UC~$130,500eBay
41914 China Silver Dollar Coin Yuan Shih Kai NGC MS64 L&M-858 1918 Restrike RARE!~$125,000eBay
51910 China Empire Silver Dollar Dragon Coin Lm-24 K-219 PCGS UNC Detail Rare!~$125,000eBay
6Ancient Silver Greek Coin Tetradrachm Sicily Gela Sosipolis Nymphe 430 BC~$112,500eBay
71895-O Morgan Silver Dollar Coin PCGS MS-61 ~$78,125eBay
8Coin, Russia, Nicholas I, 12 Roubles, 1832, Saint-Petersburg, Obverse~$68,900eBay
9Australia 50 Cent Mint Error Coin Double Strike PCGS Graded MS63~$55,380eBay
102016 Gold Proof Celebration of Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday 2oz Coin Canada RARE~$54,341eBay




This analysis and research was conducted and published on February 2023. Currently, the highest bidding historical coin stands at a price of around $550,000 USD on eBay. Coins like these are collectibles; they are priced based on their historical value, rareness, and condition. Collectors will often use Coin Grading Scales to define the estimated value of any historical coin. You can refer to this NGC Coin Grading Scale article to know more about how coins are graded.


NGC Coin Grading Scale 



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