Top 10 Most Expensive Charizard Pokemon Cards You Can Buy Online 2023

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No.Card NamePricePurchase Link
1Charizard 1999 1st Edition~$300,000eBay
2Wizard of the Coast Charizard Misprint~$349,999eBay
3Beckett 10 1996 Charizard Prism~$372,599eBay
4Japanese 1st Edition Charizard 1996 ~$103,000eBay
5Japanese 1998 Meiji Movie Charizard Promo Prism~$85,000eBay
6Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard~$32,000eBay
7Pokemon Charizard 2006 Gold Ster Dragon Frontiers 1st~$28,748eBay
82020 Pokemon Japanese Promo Charizard VMAX HR 104/S-P~$23,000eBay
91998 Japanese Pokemon Meiji Promo Prism #21 Charizard~$20,000eBay
102003 Charizard Holo Skyridge~$21,500eBay


All cards in this list are highly graded or are expected to have a high grade rating, except for the second entry (Wizard of the Coast Charizard Misprint). They are graded with a rate 9 grade or above.  All the cards are also considered as collectibles and as such, they are all out of production. As always, the ones in pristine condition and high rarity are the ones sold at a high price in online auction sites such as eBay. 

With new cards being posted every now and then, prices at auctions will often vary every year. According to one CNN article, last year (2022), a Japanese Charizard Pokemon card (along with other English Editions)  were sold at an auction for around $400,000.

This article features some of the most pristine and most rare Charizard cards that are in circulation in the online market in 2023. (This article was written on February 2023).

It is important to note that the auction may extend to more than one online site like Etsy. For simplicity, we used eBay as our universal auction site.





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